10 Beauty and Fashion Bloggers/Vloggers That Will Make Your Life Easier!

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The YouTube and blogging communities have grown incredibly quick over the last few years. Nobody can deny that there is a wealth of information to be found on the internet and when it is brought to you by people with a great personality that uplift us and make our day just a little bit brighter than isn’t that even better? Here are 5 amazing beauty bloggers and 5 awesome vloggers that will make your life easier.


Bubzbeauty, a Northern Irish beauty guru and avid vlogger. She has been on YouTube for about 7 years and to this day remains humble. Her vlogs are very honest and funny as she allows us into her life with her two dogs, son Issac and Husband Tim.

2.Aspyn Ovard

Aspyn Ovard, an American beauty guru from Utah. Aspyn is an energetic, free spirit. She and her fiance Parker have a vlogging channel together.


AnneMarieChase is another American vlogger. Anne Marie is an Alaskan native and vlogs about her experiences with University. Her vlogs are usually over 20 minutes which makes them the perfect way to unwind, she vlogged her summer in Shanghai and tobogganing down the great wall of China which I never knew was a thing until I watched her amazing vlogs.


Beyondbeautystar is an American vlogger and youtuber. She is a very edgy and trendy YouTuber who has been on YouTube for several years and her quirky ways draw you in and suddenly you can’t get enough of her vlogs.


InfintelyVloggin is another American vlogger. Cindy is a young university student on the west coast of the united states. Her vlogs are a short 10 minute edit of her day, her happy spirit and friendly way in which she includes us in her life is just awesome.

Now for some brilliant beauty bloggers who will provided you with endless tips and inspiration!


Chiutips, this girl is nothing short of amazing she has tips on absolutely everything. Check out her blog here.  And if you just can’t get enough try her you tube channel.

2.Cathy’s Lookbook

Photo Jul 04, 12 02 56 AM

Cathy’s Lookbook, a must for fashion lovers with top-notch crystal clear photos this blog will be sure to inspire your next outfit of the day.

3.The Closet Confessional


The Closet Confessional, another must for any fashion lover offering another style perspective with regular posts and great photos definitely worth a look, you won’t regret it.

4.Raspberry Kiss

Raspberry Kiss is a UK beauty blog that not many of you may have heard of but is totally worth a read. She posts regularly with honest reviews and helpful hints type posts.

5.Australian Beauty Review

Australian Beauty Review, my top blog for wading through the mountains of new products that are released every few months. This girl knows how to write a good review with simple photos focusing on the actual product and a totally honest opinion a very trustworthy blog that is sure to grow in the future.

What beauty bloggers/vloggers do you follow?

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