10 Clever Ways To Use Coconut Oil

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Coconut Oil is the natural ingredient that’s on everybody’s lips. With celebrity fans such as Emma Stone and Suki Waterhouse amongst others, it’s no surprise that this multi-tasking ingredient has developed such a cult fandom. Here’s ten uses that you may not have tried, so that you can get glossified.
1. Hair Mask
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We all love a good hair mask, but why spend when you don’t need to? Coconut Oil can be used as a hair mask to stimulate the follicles into hair growth and to add glossiness and shine. Read about it here.
2. Makeup Remover
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Do you find that your cleansers struggling to remove waterproof mascara? Fear no more! Coconut Oil can also be used as a makeup remover just think of it as your new cleansing oil. More on that here.
3. Lip Balm
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Dry, chapped lips can be an absolute pain, but now you don’t need to worry because coconut oil can be used as a lip balm. Join me and read here to learn about how to make your own.
4. Teeth Whitener and Breath Freshener
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Not only can Coconut Oil be used the freshen the breath but it has been claimed that coconut oil is the secret to whitening your teeth at home (known as oil pulling). Check out the details here.
5. Body Butter
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As someone who has dry skin, I’m loving the idea of using coconut oil as a body butter. The quick recipe makes it easy and budget friendly which suits me fine! Learn how to make your own here.
6. Cuticle Cream

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When all I want is a lovely manicure, raggedy cuticles are the bane of my existance. Thankfully using a simple to follow recipe, coconut oil can be used to make your own cuticle cream. Don’t mind if I do! More information here on making your own.
7. Anti Frizz Spray

Use 7Frizzy hair can be an absolute nightmare to deal with, but coconut oil can also help to treat frizz by locking moisture into the locks. Simply decant your coconut oil into a spray bottle and you’re good to go. Read about that and other frizz remedies here.
8. Shaving Cream
Use 8
All your shaving problems are solved with this clever trick. For silky smooth skin that won’t be irritated by razor burn or sensitivity it’s worth a try. Check it out here
9.Body Scrub

Use 9I love a good scrub, and a coconut scented, moisturising body scrub sounds pretty amazing to me, better yet it’s all natural! If you can’t resist such a treat then join me and look here to read more.
10. Acne Treatment
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An internet search revealing before and after photos is more than enough to show the benefits of coconut oil for acne. An active ingredient in coconut oil is known for fighting bacteria which can be great for dealing with bacteria that can cause acne. Read more about it here.
 I hope you found some of these uses interesting. How do you like to use coconut oil?

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