10 Five Minute Hair Styles That Will Transform Your Life

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Everyone knows the feeling…you sleep through your alarm and wake up with 5 minutes until you need to be out of the house. You just manage to dress yourself, brush your teeth and do bare minimal make up and you have no choice but to leave the hair.

Yes, bedhead hair went through a phase, so at one point it was totally okay to leave your hair like this. Now, we have some amazing 5 minute hair do’s that look extremely gorgeous, and are almost salon-worthy for you to whip up in the middle of your morning frenzy.

1.Messy Bun

messy bun

First up is the classic messy bun. Looks cute and dishevelled but is so easy to do…the best bit, you can do it on the go as you don’t need a mirror. This look is great if your hair is a little bit on the greasy side as it disguises the fact it needs a wash but having hair that isn’t freshly clean, helps hold your messy bun together.

2.Pony Tail


Next up, a pony tail, but not just your simple up do. Tie your ponytail near the nape of your neck and wrap a piece of hair around your bobble to give it a more elegant, put-together look. Then back comb your pony to give it some volume and you are ready to go. Add a little bit more to the look by twisting the sides of your hair, this gives it a little extra detail if it’s an evening look you are going for.



Fancy something that is more appropriate for the office? Go for the easy chignon as it is a professional and tidy hairstyle. It’s easy and it is quick and will stay put for the whole day. This is a great one for girls with shoulder length hair.



If you want an up do that has a little more prettiness to it, than this is perfect for you. The braiding detail makes this look super girly whilst still adding a professional touch to it. The smaller bun makes this perfect for work and perfect for parties. This look is really versatile and you can play around with different braids to make it look slightly different each time.

5.Waterfall Braid

unnamed (2)

Have naturally wavy or kinky hair? This is the hairstyle that you need to make that work to your advantage. Don’t spend ages trying to straighten or curl, just use your natural hair to make this work. The more wavy the better. Do a braid on both the left and right side, than overlap them at the back and pin. Experiment with different braids and wear for days out shopping, but this works really well for events that take place in the evening as it is a subtle look that lets your outfit be the focus. Alternatively, use it next time you find yourself on a beach as it really sets off the ‘surfer’ look.


unnamed (3)

Granted, this one is a lot less ‘5 minute’ and more like ’15’, but if you are good at braiding you can usually do this quite quick. Alternatively, braid your hair at night in this style but make it tight, than in the morning, loosen the braid by working your fingers through it and pulling at the sides. This will give you a great look that you can head out of the door with and it’ll last all day. Great for long hair but can work equally well on shorter styles too…just have a play around and see what works.


unnamed (4)

This one, I personally do on a daily basis. Got an evening event? Then wear your hair like this throughout the day, than unravel at night and you will be left with beautiful big cascading curls that will hold with no heat or hairspray. This takes minutes to do and looks gorgeous in the day, really classy, elegant and put together. Brilliant for work!


unnamed (5)

This one is a quirky take on the low ponytail but looks so effective. This works really well for day time as it’s really simple and it works for a variety of hair lengths. By looping the ponytails and weaving them through each other, they create a look that gives off the impression that you have spent a while perfecting it, when really, you have done it whilst eating your cereal and filling in your brows.

9.Braid Part Two

unnamed (7)

Braids are great at hiding hair that is ready for a wash, and this look is so beautiful. Start with a braid at the top that loops around to your ear on the other side. Then incorporate this into your braid that goes over your shoulder. You can wear this style for any occasion and it still looks pretty, detailed and as though time has been taken to perfect it. What people won’t know, is that you did it in five minutes whilst rushing out the front door.

10.Bunched Pony

unnamed (6)

Last but not least, the bunched ponytail. This I think works great for the evening as it is pretty but understated. Think a meal out with your girls or a first date. Start with a normal ponytail but tie a thin bobble at two other points on your pony, one near the middle and one near the end. Hide these with a piece of hair and pin to give a finished look, than back comb the ends and with your fingers, tease the rest of the pony.

Now you have no excuse for your hair to look messy when you wake up late, but in all honestly, these hair styles are so good, I might just snooze my alarm on purpose!

What’s your go to hairstyle for those rushed mornings?

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