10 Glamorously Gory Makeup Tutorials to Actually Scare Your Face Off

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Lots of women might prefer to look soft and sweet this Halloween, but that’s not for everyone. For those of you looking for something a little on the spookier side, these tutorials are the trickiest treats on the internet:

1. Red-Eye Zombie

She’s beauty and she’s grace, she’s— dead.

2. Va-Va-Voo Doo

This won’t even hurt– unless you want it to.

3. Scary Smiles

Not quite sure this qualifies as a “smiley” face….

4. Ripped Right Open

This is how mouths work, right? Also, this little girl is a champ.

5. Frightening Fairy


6. Minty Madness

No wait this is weirder, Why is a peppermint so mad?

7. Shark Attack

Wait JK! Whatttttttt? Since when are mouths so terrifying?

8. Doll-Face

Hey remember the good ole days when clowns were nice?

9. Creepy Clown

Nope, that’s fine I didn’t want to sleep tonight!

10. Out of this World

No no no no I quit.

If these didn’t scare the pants off of you, I don’t know what will. Please excuse me while I go find mine.

Would you try a scary makeup?

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