10 Horrifying Halloween Recipes That Will Leave People Feeling Alive!!!

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With all the Halloween parties, you will be going to or taking your kids to you will need to bring something to the party!  Below are 10 yummy yet spooky Halloween dishes to bring life to the party!

1.Bones and Cheese Dip


I love this one. It’s so easy to do, and it’s a great touch for your Halloween party. It’s just frozen bread stick dough and cheese dip. The article calls for a pan with a bone shaped mold, but I personally think it’d be easier to find a bone shaped cookie cutter, and use that. The cheese dip looks so delicious too, it’s such a fun touch. Find out how to make it here.

2.Red Velvet Hot Chocolate


This looks so amazing! You could serve this in clear glasses to get a full effect. This wonderful blogger made this recipe taste like red velvet cake, which is amazing! I can’t wait to try it!  Click here for the recipe!

3.Bloody Candy Apple Milkshake


This just looks amazing! I would definitely go to a Halloween party where they were serving milkshakes, and this one being Halloween related, sign me up, please! Check out the yummy recipe here.

4.A Carrie Cake


I’m a little ashamed of myself for not thinking of this first. If you’re having a horror movie themed party, or you just like to eat cake, you should probably make this! It’s so easy and creative! There’s not much complex to this Halloween treat since you can use any cake you want! So easy.  Recipe here!

5.Severed Ear Cookies

image 5

This one seems a little too real for me. I’m not so sure I could make myself eat the severed ear. If that isn’t gross enough for you, there’s also instructions for severed toe cookies. If you’re into that sort of thing, give it a try! Click here!

6.Halloween Spaghetti 

image 6

This is so fun, especially if you have kids! Check out the recipe for Halloween spaghetti and make it for dinner before you head out trick or treating!

7.Skull Cheese Ball 

image 7jpg

This is such a cool and easy thing to do! Just make a cheese ball, and scoop out the spaces for the eyes. You could mold the rest of it to form the shape of a skull with your hands. It’s genius and really cool!  Click here!

8.Blacklight Lemonade 

image 8

This is a really cool looking recipe. Everything in a Halloween party is usually dark anyway, so having a glow in the dark drink will be a hit!  Click here!

9.Mummy Dogs


How cute are these? Everyone needs to eat dinner before heading out to trick or treat, or attend your party. Check the recipe and try these adorable hot dogs wrapped in dough while you pregame!

10.Monster Bacon Meatloaf 


This one actually scares me a little bit, I’m not even lying. If you want to scare your friends or kids, Make this monster bacon meatloaf for a super scary dinner on Halloween night!

What are your favorite scary recipes to make for Halloween?

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