10 Problems Only Girls With Curly Hair Will Understand

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Curly hair looks so beautiful when styled and maintained correctly, but us curly haired girls have a lot of trouble getting there. It’s frizzy, it’s thick and it’s very capricious. It has a life of it’s own! We dream of having the straight hair like many girls do, and here are some of the reasons why:


1) It always gets in the way.


2) You can’t run your fingers through it. There’s a chance you won’t get them back…


3) Things get lost in your hair. 

All. The. Time.


4) No amount of expensive treatments actually work.


5) Everyone wants to touch it when you just want them to leave it alone.


6) Any slight hint of humidity in the air and you’re screwed. 


Rain is your arch nemesis.

7) It takes hours to straighten it!


8) It sheds like a dogs fur.


9) You are deeply envious of people who have straight hair and curl it perfectly.


So unfair…


10) And bangs never work.


But despite all the drama, there’s no denying that curly hair is gorgeous.

I hope some of you understand the struggles we curly haired girls go through to tame our wild locks, and perhaps you can maybe stop touching it? Thanks. 

Feel free to fill us in on your hair dilemmas below. What hair problem do you most relate to?

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  • Eugenia Nazarova

    Amazing gifs! My friend has a long curly hair and I have seen her struggle with it for a long time! But I have straight hair and sometimes I’d like to have it curly! :-)

  • Jessica

    I have a straight hair and must admit that I wished to have a curly (wavy) as straight looks boring all the time. My mother’s friend once curled my hair so strong and I struggled for some months. Cheers to girls with curly hair! :)

  • Tina Horton

    I can’t relate, I have straight hair! But it can’t hold a curl long enough! Ugh! I’m green with envy when I see people with curly hair. :) Embrace it curly lady. :D

  • Rose Sahetapy

    Hahaha…you said it right, girl! I have curly hair and encouter all that you’ve mentioned on this post. I can maintane my hair so it straight like nobody believes I have curly hari, until I have to deal with water (rain, swimming pool, or beach).

  • Francesca Nelson

    haha I’m going to send this to my sister she has crazy curly hair unfortunately for me I was’t blessed with those same genes!

  • EG Green

    I’m not a woman, but I can relate! When I was younger, anytime I grew my hair into an afro people always wanted to stick their hand into it…thus leaving me with handprint head anytime I didn’t have my afro-pick handy.

  • Oh my God if you could only see how curly my hair is. And I buy tons of smoothing and anti frizz products every month but nothing really works pfff!

  • It’s funny how girls with straight hair always want to have it curly and the other way around. I have straight hair and I think I can find a list of 10 problems I have with it, haha.

  • I don’t have curly hair but my daughter does! I love it but I can definitely understand that it’s a lot to deal with!

  • Ana S

    I have always actually wanted to have curly hair haha, I think it looks so beautiful, mine is straight as straight can be. That was fun to read ! Even with my straight hair I can understand the pain (long hair on its own is a pain!)

  • I am Vagabond

    So funny :) I am laughing (not just smiling) as i read this.. I loved the one “Any slight hint of humidity in the air and you’re screwed”

  • I love curly hair myself and it is a pain! I would much rather have straight hair to be honest but it looks good on other people!

  • Carrie Chady Rundhaug

    I have super curly hair and this is all true! I have it and wish it was straight so I spend hours straighten it! I keep hoping one day it will just change.

  • Rosie Heather Roman

    This is such a funny read! I’ve always wanted naturally curly hair – it just looks so glamorous. Now, you’ve let me into the less glamorous realisations of having curly hair…

    Rosie | http://www.rosieromance.com

  • Amy Scott

    Oh this made me lol even if it can be the bane of your life! I have poker straight but unmanageable hair and sometimes I just wish I had wild curls.

  • Subhadrika Sen

    I so understand cause i have long curly hair. i took to straightening once and then saw it comes with its own sets of problems. So, Here I am back with my curly hair once again. :)

  • nicopuegher

    Great gifs :)

  • ratisha goyal

    Lol! I have a friend with curly hair and I have seen her eternal crib about how unmanageable her hair are. But, honestly, I just loved her hair.

  • ThisKenyanTraveler

    Hahaha My natural hair is curly and I don’t regret wearing it straight at all because curly hair is hell.
    I understand everything here.

  • Lol @Bayan,that’s so funny. What if she’s right O_O?

  • bayanfad279

    My friend still tries to argue it’s harder to comb her beautiful, long, straight, soft hair than my frizzy, dry, curly hair.

  • Rida

    Hahaha so true! People just don’t get it how long it takes us to make them look presentable!

  • LOL

  • Haha, this post is so funny and true! I can’t deal XD #curlyhairgirl