10 Struggles Single Girls Go Through On Valentine’s Day

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When the season of fervent romance comes around and the smell of freshly baked love enters our lives, there’s no doubt about it; Valentine’s Day has come to stay. Whilst it may not be a long stay, us single ladies are always left feeling rather unloved and lonely, not to mention just plain ol’ unpretty. Here at GlossyFinds, we know the struggle, so today (just before the Valentine’s  Day blues begin), we’re sharing some of the worst struggles of the single life during “Singles Awareness Day” that I think we can all relate to.

1. Coping with friends who brag.

2. Eating

A lot




 And over doing it with the wine.

3. Binge watching romantic comedies…

And comparing your love life to them.

4. Not to mention, you’re only other single friend getting asked out last minute #SINGLEANDALONE.

5. The Valentine’s period, however short, feels like four years.

6. No one will listen to you because you can’t stop moaning about being single.

7. Even your old fashioned, embarrassing parents aren’t alone on Valentines.

8. Seeing couples suddenly makes you want to puke even more than usual.

Valentine's Survival Guide

9. Coping with the fact that being single these days is seen as an ’embarrassment’.

10. All the restaurants are filled with couples; there’s no room anywhere for us single ladies to sit.

If you’re a single lady, which I am, I’d pop a bottle and get a tub of Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate fudge Brownie ice cream, it’ll numb the pain. Because the truth of the matter is, this made up celebration happens to be one of the most built up, overrated days of the year and effectively removes the need for good cinema and replaces it with the likes of 50 Shades of Grey. But in all seriousness, despite these struggles, it’s important to remember that one day we’ll all find Mr. Right, and if not we’ve always got online shopping.

How are you single #GlossyGirls spending Valentine’s Day? Leave your comments below!

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