10 Things Only Beauty Bloggers Will Understand

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In the wonderful world of beauty bloggers, there are a few struggles. Not enough to bring us down of course, because we love what we do! But as with anything there are some things we could do without, and there are some things that only us beauty bloggers can understand!

1. Taking Photos of Your Makeup

When you get new makeup products, you know you can’t even open them until you get good quality photos of the product from every angle. So the whole ride home you’re day dreaming about swatching your new products!

2. Getting Hate 

If you make a mistake in a video tutorial, or do something different than “trained artists” you automatically get hate for being self taught.  Even though you’re proud of yourself it starts to get you down. Along with artists, there are also people who leave mean comments for no reason at all.
Part of you wants to delete the mean comments, but you decide to pretend it doesn’t get to you, and let it motivate you instead.

3. Expectations

Everyone you know expects you to know everything about makeup, and when you don’t know one thing, your credentials are questioned. It’s a pretty stressful position to be in and you hope it doesn’t lead to any “unfollows”,  but if it does you still need to stand up for your beliefs and do it your own way!

4. Nobody Takes You Seriously

When did it become so hard to gain respect just because you like to look your best? I don’t know how or why it ended up being this way, but a lot of people hate on girls who put effort into their appearance.  But when you try and turn that into a hobby/career, people think you’re just messing around and “playing with makeup all day”.  They never realize how much work we put into what we do.  You can look completely cute while still being completely serious about what you do. We need to work on tearing down those stereotypes and prove them wrong because we are more than that!

5. People See You as Fake

You like to wear make up every day, so what? Having people constantly question whether or not your beauty or personality is genuine just because you like to apply make up in the mornings is frustrating.

6. People Think You Just Wear Makeup to Impress Men

Men and other girls think you wear makeup just to impress men. This could not be further from the truth. I wear makeup for myself, because I like to look to my best! as do most other people. I blog about beauty because I want to teach other people how to  wear makeup, be confident and learn to love themselves. The idea that men may or may not think I’m pretty, is completely irrelevant.

7. Most of the Hate We Get Comes from Other Girls

It’s a little tough to get hate from other girls for something like this. It seems like something we should be building each other up on, not tearing each other down. Our girl community has so much power and if we built each other up daily, nothing else could get to us. There’s no reason to leave comments like telling another girl how ugly or dumb she is… we got to get it together ladies.

8. Product Envy

You follow a blogger long enough to respect their opinions on beauty products, so when you see that they have a new product they bought and loved, you now know that, product is now essential to your survival and you must go get it immediately. Or when you both have a new product that you rave about, and for a moment you think you have found your soul mate.

9. Justifying Your Huge Make up Collection

Your enormous makeup collection is totally justifiable because you could definitely use it all on your blog! Of course you need to buy that new bronzer! You could definitely use that on your blog.  Also thinking about how much your collection is worth, and how much you’ve spent on it makes you cringe a little, but really, who needs to eat when you have 100 lipsticks to choose from?! Let’s be real.

10. The Connections We Make

We may experience some difficulty in the makeup world, but talking to other beauty bloggers is the best. Since most of your closest friends and family don’t know much about makeup, it’s awesome to have the lovely people you meet through blogging to talk to and share your passion with.

Despite all the negatives, and the parts that make it difficult, the absolute best part about being a beauty blogger is the community. The people you meet, and compare your looks and styles with. Nothing beats it. So we stick together, and have a great time!!

Are you a beauty blogger, was this post relatable? Tell us what you think!


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  • I’m not a beauty blogger. And though I don’t understand your passion, I believe respect is due to anyone pursuing and attempting to be the best in their chosen craft – Sonnie

  • Anamika Ojha

    I am not a beauty blogger but can totally relate with it as my friend is a beauty blogger and she always complain about these stuff!

  • Maria Louisa Mae P. Mercado

    Not a beauty blogger but I know there are misconceptions. Actually, some of the beauty bloggers I know are the kindest that I’ve met. You’d think mommy bloggers would be nicer but not always the case.

  • The hate from women can be so aggravating! You just keep on doing what you’re doing!!

  • I am not a beauty blogger but I do get where you are coming from. People think that I wear makeup and dress up to impress men when in reality I do it for myself.

  • Subhadrika Sen

    I love your GIF’s they are amazing. I am not a beauty blogger but i can understand what you guys have to go through. :)