10 Things All High School BFFs Know to Be True

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We all have our best friend! Whether we’ve known them for one year or ten years, we love them all the same. However, there is just something super special about having the  same best friend since high school! You go through so many life stages together, and nothing beats that! Here are a list of things only your high school BFF would understand.

1.Their Family Is Your Family

I honestly can’t even remember the last time I called my BFF’s mom Mrs. best friends last name. It’s been Momma B ever since I can remember. We have each others mom’s number saved in our phones and they have ours. You’re friends with her brother on Facebook and she treats your little brother like her little brother.  You don’t know when it happened, but you’ve been adopted into each others families, and you’re proud of it.

2. They Have Been Through Hell And Back With You

No matter what it was, they’ve been around for more then half your life.  Heartbreak, victories, weight loss, weight gain, they’ve witnessed it all. And will continue to witness everything else. They know everything about you, and can tell you’re not okay from the tone of your texts. It’s so comforting to have someone who knows you so well.


3.  You’re Completely Comfortable With Them

They’ve seen you go through high school… aka the most awkward stage of your life. She’s seen your bad choices in clothes, music and boys. You’ve seen hers also. So what’s left to be uncomfortable about? You never feel dumb around them because their hidden weirdness is the same as yours. And you love it that way.

4.Opposites Do Attract
My best friend and I are polar opposites on almost every topic, including our appearance. But what we do have in common, is that we are inseparable, and could never imagine life without each other. We just compliment the other so well, we can fight or argue but we’d still be completely lost without each other.

5. You Share A Wardrobe
She’s probably had one of your tops for so long you both forget who’s it was originally. When you’re preparing for a date, you mentally go through your closet and hers to find something to wear. She doesn’t mind because she’ll do the same to you. You’ve basically doubled your wardrobe!

6. You Can Reminisce
Unless you have siblings your own age, you may not have someone to reminisce on your awkward teen years. Talking about your old teachers and the people who used to be in your group of friends gives you some high school nostalgia. It’s great to have someone who has all the same memories as you.

7.  They Helped You Deal With Heartbreak
Maybe it was a boy who broke up with you, you parents divorce or something else that hurt you so bad. No matter what it was, your old friend is the one that you turned to for help. She was there ready to let you cry on her shoulder all night, force feeding you ice cream and trying so hard to cheer you up.   And you know that if you’re hurt again, no matter how old you are she’ll bring the ice cream and wine to help you cope.

8. Inside Jokes
Who doesn’t love a good inside joke? Sometimes just the mention of one word will leave the two of you crying from laughter. It’s usually something that nobody else would ever laugh at, or that you couldn’t possibly explain to anyone else, but it makes you both happy so the rest doesn’t matter.

9. They Know All Your Secrets
They know more about you then anyone else. All of your lows, they know them. That’s one reason you could never not be friends. You have so much dirt on each other dating back to the beginning of high school. Including everything that you’re not exactly proud of.

10. No Matter How Long Your Apart Far…..
Different states, different time zones, it doesn’t matter. You can go to different colleges or live in different places but the distance will never come between you. When you get together again, it’s like nothing ever changed and you’ve seen her every day but you’re so happy to see her and have a running count down to the day that she visits.


We all need our best girl to get through life with minimal damage. Our friend who’s always there for us and will never stop being a priority. Don’t forget to tell your BFF how much you love her! 

What’s your favorite thing about your BFF?

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