10 Things You Know If Your Siblings Are Your Best Friends

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So many people have siblings, almost everyone has a best friend. If you’re lucky enough to have siblings as your best friends. Then you are extremely lucky!
I have two sisters and one brother, they are my three best friends! There are so many reasons why this amazing!

1. Built in friendships. 

Maybe you don’t need other friends, or maybe that’s what you tell people because you don’t know how to make friends. Either way, they’ll always be there for you. There’s almost nothing you can do to change that.

2. Built in bodyguards. 

My brother is the youngest, but protective. We’re all protective of each other. We can mess with each other anytime, but as soon as someone unrelated messes with us, it’s going down. Nobody is going to try because they know they’ll have to deal with the whole family if they mess with just one of us. Like a 4 member gang.

3. You’ll always have someone that can relate.

All the family problems you have, that your friends can’t relate to, are understood by someone. Your siblings become your army and it’s you against the world (or your parents).

4. Partners in crime. 

I am lucky enough to have a sister very close in age to me. We were undoubtedly partners in crime. We schemed together, covered for each other and watched each others back. In high school we were always known as a “package deal” and one of us was never invited somewhere without the other. We also covered each others back, and will do the same for our younger siblings.

5. People are confused by your closeness 

When you and all your siblings are around the same age, and really close. Strangers are never really sure what your relationship is. People have guessed, twins, cousins, friends and even boyfriend, girlfriend… Awkward. You find a way to laugh about it later.

6. Holidays

Holidays like Christmas were much more fun as kids. I don’t know how Christmas works for only children. Having a group of us under the tree early Christmas morning, was always a blast. Even as we’re older all holidays are more fun with all of us there. 

7. You’re never alone.

Nobody to invite to a concert? Don’t worry you can just force one of your siblings into it. You’ll both have a great time, and at the very least it’s a bonding experience.

8. Making a bad situation funny.

More then likely, your parents will not see you getting in trouble as funny… but you will. You’ll get lectured about your choices and then laugh about it with your sisters later.
Getting sent to your room when you shared one was never really a punishment anyway.

9. They teach you life lessons. 

You may not have been bullied in school, but watching your sibling being bullied could possibly be worse then experiencing it yourself. They teach you things that you wouldn’t have learned on your own because you share their experiences. You can complain to each other, and be dramatic and you’ll never be judged. You learn the details about each others passions just by being around.

10. Never a dull moment.

They push your buttons more then anyone else possibly could, they tease you and you’re always the butt of a joke or prank. You’ll also never have anyone who loves you the way your siblings do. They joke with you because they love you.

What’s your favorite part about your siblings being your friends?

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