#Behindthemakeup with @Nikki.Makeup!

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#Behindthemakeup with @Nikki.Makeup!


#Behindthemakeup with @Nikki.Makeup!
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#Behindthemakeup with @Nikki.Makeup!
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#Behindthemakeup with @Nikki.Makeup!
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#Behindthemakeup with @Nikki.Makeup!
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1. What is a day in the life of Nikki?

Other than being a makeup artist, I have another job and I am also a college student, so usually that is what I do for the whole day. When I shoot a makeup look for Instagram it actually takes more time than you would imagine. Sometimes it can take up to 3 hours for the whole process!

2. How did you career begin in the world of beauty?

I started watching makeup tutorials on Youtube about 5 years ago, and I use to do my friends makeup all the time. It started as a hobby, and finally a year ago I decided to take it to the next level, so I went to makeup school, attended workshops and started working on clients.

3. Which celebrity would you love to do makeup for?

The Victoria’s Secret angels for the runway show. I love that bronzed-effortless glam look!
4. How would you describe your signature look?

Winged liner for sure, with almost any look I do. It is also the most common request I get from clients.

5. What is your most memorable moment while doing someone’s makeup?

I had a client that spoke only French, and I can’t speak French at all! So we had to find our way to communicate, and it was such a funny experience.

6. What is the most important beauty advice that you can give to women?

Always remove all your makeup before going to sleep, even if it’s the last thing you want to do. I know it can take a long time, but I never skip it! Also, using sunscreen on the face is something that we tend to forget, but I promise, if you do that every morning, when you’ll be older you will thank your younger self for that!

7. What are some common beauty mistakes women make?

I feel like using a highlighter all over the face and combining it with a dewy foundation became a very popular thing to do, and most of the time it can look very unflattering.

8. Do you feel that looking and feeling beautiful is important in regard to a woman’s confidence?

I do think so, and I don’t think it’s shallow. I believe that when you put an effort in your look it makes you feel good and it reflects your confidence instantly. It doesn’t have to be a full face of makeup, it can be anything that makes you feel like you invest in yourself.

9. Have you achieved all of your goals? If not what are they?

Definitely not, I am still in the beginning of my career, and my goal is to be able to do makeup full time in the future.

10. Who has inspired you throughout your career?

I get a lot of inspiration from Instagram, especially from the big celebrity makeup artists. Some of my favorites to follow are Mario Dedivanocic, Patrick Ta and Etienne Ortega. I love their glamorous style. I also love watching YouTube video’s, so those are my favorite places to go to for inspiration.

11. Do you see yourself one day creating your own line of makeup?

Although it sounds amazing, I don’t think it is something I would do in the near future.

12. What are some of your favorite products?

My favorite foundation is Double Wear by Estee Lauder, I can’t go a day without it. I also love Makeup Geek’s eyeshadows.

13. Favorite concealer?

Mac Pro Longwear Concealer
14. What should be a staple in every woman’s purse?

A nude lipstick that matches your lip color and goes with any eye look.

15. Do you believe that less is more?
Sometimes less is more, especially for a natural everyday look. But for Instagram pictures more is definitely more…the more you layer – the better it looks on camera.

16. What advice would you give to someone who is interested in getting into the beauty industry?

Never stop learning! There is always something new, especially in the beauty world.

17. How do you cleanse your skin?

After I remove the eye and face makeup, I wash my face with a green tea face soap. Than I exfoliate the skin with a daily face scrub, and after that I use a toner. I use a moisturizer in the morning before I apply my makeup.

18. Bullying on Instagram is something that happens all the time. How do you handle any negative comments?

I haven’t experienced that so far, but I think the best way to handle negativity is just delete and block the negative comments, and don’t let it ruin your motivation.

19. What is beauty to you?
When you can’t take your eyes off of something. Also, I do believe that beauty is in the details. When all the details match perfectly, it makes a big difference in the end result.


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