20 Life-Changing Beauty Tips That Nobody Told You About

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We all love a good beauty tip and I have just the thing for you. Here’s a compilation of some of the best beauty tips to help you get glossified.

1. Budget Brush Cleanser
Tip 1
This is budget friendly and it does the job. I’ve used this for years. More here.
2. Clever Concealer
Tip 2
The best way to avoid raccoon eyes. Check it out here.
3. Mascara Mayhem

How to make your mascara last longer. Look here for more.

4. Accurate Senses
Tip 4
Great for cleansing the senses before smelling your next perfume Find out why here.
5. DIY Dry Shampoo

Tip 5
Your very own budget dry shampoo. Read more here.
6. Depuffing Eyes 101

This is so refreshing when my eyes are tired. Here’s why.
7. Quick Flicks
Tip 7
Say hello to your foolproof cat eye. Read about it here.
8. Fighting Flyaways
Tip 8

A clever way to tame flyaways. Find out how to do it here.
9. No Creasing Allowed
Tip 9

This really helps to prevent concealer from creasing. Check it out here.
10. Time to Prime

A concealer makes a great eye primer. Read more here.
11. Get a better grip
Tip 11
So simple and yet my mind is still blown. Read more here.
12. The Lipstick Trick
Tip 12

My mom taught me this trick and it works every time. Read about it here.
13. Intensify Eyeshadow Instantly
Tip 13

How cool is this? Make your brighter shades even brighter! Learn how to do it here.

14. Lip Illusion
Tip 14
A great way to make your lips look larger.  Find out how to do it here.

15. Smudgeproof Liner
Tip 15

Stop your eyeliner from smudging. Check it out here.
16. Lip Balm+Blush=Lip Stain
Tip 16

Create your perfect lip stain. Find out how to do it here.
17. Brow Perfection
Tip 17

Use your face shape to determine your ideal brow shape. More here.
18. Say Goodbye to Mascara Transfer
Tip 18

This nifty little trick will solve all of your mascara transfer woes. Read all about it here.
19. The Perfect Match

Tip 19
This is a great way to make sure that your foundation truly matches. Look here for more.
20. Shiny Happy People
Tip 20

A clever cheat sheet for shiny, glossy hair. Read more here.

I hope you liked this tips and tricks and are now feeling Glossified! What are some of your favorite tips and which ones will you be trying?

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  • Karissa Ancell

    These are some great tips! Many I hadn’t heard before.

  • Brittany Ashmore

    I loved reading about these tips!!! I need to apply my concealer under my eye differently now!!

  • Great tips! I haven’t heard of these before but I am totally going to try a few out!

  • Sandy KS

    Being 45 I have never been one to wear much make up. I never really knew how to apply it the right way. I am going to try your tricks and see if I can do some wonders.

  • Ooo… These are some super great tips, girl! <3

  • That lipstick trick is a total lifesaver!

    Nellwyn | http://www.thecardinalpress.com