5 Summer Trends That Guarantee Bombshell Status

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This year, we’ve been fortunate enough to have some super cute summer clothing trends and whether you’re super trendy or fairly casual, you can’t help but love at least one of them. We guarantee that you’ll achieve bombshell status with these gorgeous pieces:



Popularized in the 80’s, bodysuits were a dressy spin-off of leotards and were made as a simple way to layer pieces and look classy. What’s great is that bodysuits can be layered with anything from shorts to jeans and even skirts. Plus, they can be worn all year round. We love this red bodysuit Selena Gomez is wearing. You can find it here : Jessa Bodysuit ($68, thereformation.com).

Palm Prints



When you think of summer you think of the beach and palm trees swaying in the breeze. This summer, palm, floral, and nature patterns are popular and fashionistas everywhere can’t get enough. We love this chic look from Cara Delevingne. Try dressing up your style with  these gorgeous palm-patterned items: Mila Maxi Dress ($315, Revolveclothing.com) or Palm Tree Print Crossover Wrap Bikini Top ($13.99, CharlotteRusse.com) and Caged-Side Tropical Print Bikini Bottoms ($8.49, CharlotteRusse.com).

Sleeveless Blazers


Sleeveless blazers are a super simple way to dress up any outfit – whether it be a dress or a shirt and jeans. Style expert Olivia Palermo shows us how glam you can look in them. Definitely a must-have piece for any wardrobe. Try buying neutral tones to wear with different outfits like these: Valet Sleeveless Blazer ($39.97, Nordstromrack.com) and ASOS Petite Sleeveless Blazer ($63, us.asos.com).

Crop Tops

crop tops


Everyone from Taylor Swift to Adriana Lima are wearing crop tops! They always say less is more and showing just the smallest bit of skin adds much to the imagination.

We can’t help but think crop tops are a super sexy/sultry addition to any outfit. They come in all different patterns so you’re sure to find one you love. Check out these ones: Persuasion Lace Crop Top ($52, Nastygal.com) and Love Sadie Floral Crop Top ($70, Shopbop.com).

High Waisted Jean Shorts

high-waisted shorts

BUY IT NOW:Channel style icons like Jennifer Lawrence, Ciara, Marilyn Monroe, and Kelly Kapowski with high waisted shorts. Not only do they look good but they’re a great way to accentuate your features: legs, waist, and butt. ;) Try some like these: ASOS Denim High Waist Shorts in Clapton Mid Wash ($50, us.asos.com).

What are your fav trends this summer?

image credit: splash.com;mediapunkrex.com;style.com

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  • Evelina

    I am in love with sleeveless blazers. They make you look so chic

  • I just love the palm prints because they seem so much more unique. It’s so SoCAL too. Btw Just love your site!

  • I really like crop tops and summer dresses because they can help you tolerate the heat more! These are awesome ideas! I’m not sure if I can pull off the body suit but it’s awesome.

  • A lot of those trends my mummy can’t wear! Crop tops and body suits are a no-no for her! Loving the sleeveless blazers though xx

  • Natasha Mairs

    I love the crops tops, but I couldn’t wear one with my muffin top. I will be sticking with my maxi dresses

  • Love crop tops and also off shoulder tops, great summer clothes xoxo


  • kage

    This might not help me personally but I will gladly pass this along to my fashion conscious friends they will love these suggestions.

  • I love all these trends but crop tops and palm prints are my fave summer trends. There is something so fun and tropical about palm prints.

  • Beautyqueenuk

    The palm print is really lovely and I am loving the sleeveless blazers x

  • All of these trends are something I could get behind. Need get myself some body suits for the summer :)

  • Sabrina Barbante

    I love body suits and shorts, I always wear them and finally they are trendy again!!!

  • Primark have some great bodysuits at the moment, and I have a great sleeveless Mac that I wear *all* the time. I love it :)

  • I love sleeveless Blazers. They are so chic.

  • I like the body suits because they`re basically “tucked in” and so it looks more form-fitting and polished.

  • I like the body suits because it`s basically “tucked in” and so it looks more form-fitting and polished.

  • all these are very flattering especially the body suits surprisingly, they are a new favourite of mine!

  • Ana Ojha

    Great ideas shared! My favorite is crop tops, sleeveless jacket and Palm Prints.

  • Jolina

    Fashion trends really tend to come back in cycles. Lesson: don’t throw away “old” clothes lol. I’m loving the palm prints. They’re so fun!

  • Little Steps

    Oh I didn’t know high-waisted shorts are back again! :)

  • Joanna

    I love the look of the Palm prints and the high waisted shorts I’m not too sure a sleeveless blazer would suit me but love the look of them.

  • These are some awesome trends. It’s really cool to see people experimenting with new styles this summer.

  • Sandy KS

    I do not like the sleeveless blazer. Reminds of a guy trying to be macho would wear.
    I love the body suits, 80’s look coming back. Go 80’s.

  • Kara

    I have to admit I won’t be partaking in any of these trends. I used to love wearing a body back in the 90’s though

  • Fatima Ali

    From all of these, the sleeveless blazer is my favourite. I really like that trend. It looks so chic and gives a minimalist look.

  • I love the high waisted jeans and prints that are in for summer, the jeans hide a multitude of sins x

  • Rashmi&Chalukya

    Summer is time to lookout for trendy outfits and you have some great ones here. Loved the Palm prints and the Sleeveless Blazers.

  • Rosie Heather Roman

    I’ve just bought myself a body suit and love it! Can’t believe I haven’t bought one sooner.

    Rosie | http://www.rosieromance.com