5 Things to Know About Nail Art Before Giving Up

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If you are on the verge of giving up or have already given up because of all your failed attempts, there are plenty of simple ideas to start off with. Many beginners quickly get discouraged when they try the complicated designs at the beginning stage’s of learning. When you reach that point, these 5 things are exactly what you need to know.

It’s going to be simpler than you expected! That’s what we all want, right?

If you relate to this, this is just for you. Read on!

1.It’s ok To Make Mistakes

You know that it’s okay to make mistakes. Sure you do! Still you may need to bear with a wrong haircut for months or a stained face as the result of experimenting with cosmetics. But with your nails, it’s not the same! You never need to be afraid to try whatever your creativity leads you to do(of course, wisely), because for every time you go wrong, you have acetone or acetone free polish removers for a safer procedure. As you keep trying simple designs, you will eventually get better at it. Now, you don’t need to quit half way through your art attempt! Try whatever you want and if you go wrong, correct it right away with a polish remover. To eventually get better at your work, start off with simple designs and techniques. As you practice you will reach a point that you are far from now.  Practice makes perfect! However old it gets, this saying remains as true as it ever was!

So, just relax and try again!

2.Joining A Community Will Keep You Inspired

A lack of exposure can bring no scope for inspiration and growth, hence it is very important to keep ourselves connected with a community of people who are equally or more passionate than us to stay inspired. One such handy and useful tool is- ‘Nail Art For All’; a mobile application on the Android Play Store. This app caters to nail artists around the world, where all can upload and share their nail art photos and get daily updates from the artists they follow. The nail art community is a perfect place to kick start your growth and keep it going. Find awesome artists on Instagram and Pinterest, stay updated to stir the passion for more!

Staying connected is one of the most effective ways to never run out of ideas and motivation.

3.All Tools Within Your Reach

Well, if you hadn’t thought about it, this will make your life much easier and your art even better.  The Nail Superstore and Born Pretty Store, has every tool related to nail art for you to add to your cart and they ship worldwide. Stickers, decoration, UV gel, brushes, glue, kits, etc., everything that you will ever need. For the rate at which advances are happening today, every brand has ventured into the online platform, making their products available for purchase to their customers around the world. Now there’s no excuse for you to not have the tools to experiment and try new techniques! This sure makes it easier than going to a store near-by.

4.Proper Nail Care Assures Healthy Nails

Nails certainly need care along with all that we do to deck it up and look pretty. It is important to not over use polish on our nails and plan out a regular break to give them a proper treatment, which you can do by yourself right at home.
A few things to remember that will help you have strong and good looking nails-

Keep it clean and dry

Wash your hands regularly

Give your nails a scheduled treatment

Quit biting your nails

Use a moisturizer

Biotin for weak nails

Don’t cut off the cuticles

Avoid harsh nail products

Use dish gloves

Treat infections seriously

5.No Limit Or Restriction

When it comes to nail art there is no hard and fast rule which you must obey. You can be as creative as you want, of course considering the steps to keep them healthy. There are different types of art based on their level of difficulty, but that doesn’t stand as an obstacle. Creating a blend of different styles based on your ability and improvising on existing designs are great ways to let loose and explore new ways of doing nail art.

Be yourself!

You can do your way of it better than anyone else’s!

When you start enjoying your work and loving your art, know that you are right on track!!

Get ready to say goodbye to the old you! Just say it :D


What are your nail techniques?


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