7 Days of Fabulous Nails!

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The weather is finally catching up with the months, and warmth is upon us at last! As you’re transitioning from sweaters to sandals, don’t forget to show your nails some TLC—trendy love and care! Here are some inspirations to get you started:

Scaled Sunday



Sunday’s best never looked so good! Whatever you’re wearing, this uber-trendy greyscale mani will look amazing and keep you feeling like a million bucks.

  • Try: Essie Nail Polish, Blanc, Playa del Platinum, Miss Fancy Pants, Cashmere Bathrobe, Chinchilly ($8.50 ea, 6pm.com)

Muted Monday


Ugh. Monday. But don’t let yourself feel totally blah! Perk yourself up with a subtle reminder of how cool and hip you are, courtesy of your equally cool, hip, and seemingly apathetic nails. Oh, you see the design on my nails? I mean, whatever. It’s no big deal.


Turquoise Tuesday


Ready for the glimmer of the ocean in the summer sun? Sparkle and shine with some snazzy blue tips!


Wine-Red Wednesday


Any time is the perfect time to break out that deep red nail polish—a little more sophisticated (as compared to a classic “hooker red,” as your grandmother might call it).


Twinkle Tips Thursday


It doesn’t take much to achieve this look, two coats of fab will have your digits looking gorgeous.



Fierce Friday

Essie Meet Me At Sunset

Some weeks, you’re just on fire— unleash your inner flame with this awesome red-orange polish to get amped for the weekend!



Studded Saturday


It’s the weekend! Let your hair down and let your edgy side out with something more indulgent. And what’s more indulgent than caviar?

You’ve probably grown out of the day-of-the-week underwear (no judgment if you haven’t), so spice up your style in a different way! These looks are sure to keep you looking fabulous and feeling—shall we say—polished.


What’s your fave mani inspiration?


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