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1.I am a Gemini (split personalities or something)

2. I am a licenced cosmetologist

3.I find almost everything funny

and laugh way too hard at it.

4. I can sometimes be a tad bossy

5. I love coffee

and wine

the essentials of life

6. I’m almost always listening  (and jamming out) to music

7. I’m not even a little a shy or quiet

I’ve tried to be.

8. I can be  a little wild

but when I go out with my friend’s I’m always “the mom”

9. I’m pretty gullible. This makes people mess with me a lot.


10. I’m usually too energetic, even if I’m trying to sleep.

11. My short attention span doesn’t allow me to get to into TV or movies except Sex and The City.

12. I share almost everything with anyone.

I think that came from growing up with a bunch of siblings

13. And no matter what I’ll always encourage anybody to follow their passions.

What do you have in common with Lauren?

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Lauren Garvey

"Licensed cosmetologist, self proclaimed beauty addict." Follow My Blog...

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