AEOS Optimal Essentials (Blue) Review!

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I want to start with just saying a massive thank you to AEOS Skincare for sending me a range of their beautiful skincare products to use and review.



Beginning with just a little bit about the packaging; I actually really love it and think it is very appropriate for their brand, as the wallet to what held my box of products has lightly decorated pressed flowers in it.



With the products in which I received it actually explains on the instruction leaflet that they are designed to be used together as a collection, rather than one just here and there when you feel like it, as in their exact words; “Ensure the correct sequence of AEOS products to allow each of them to be received by the skin and penetrate to deeper layers within the skin structure…”. Following on the instruction leaflet is the morning and evening routines in which you should follow when using these products. 


Now obviously using a product for a few weeks is never going to be the same as using it for a few months, so instead of telling you a non long term outcome of using these products I am going to tell you my first opinions on each of them, as I applied each to my face.

Starting with the morning routine…

Gentle Cleansing Lotion Blue (, £49.99)


After using this product myself I found the consistency and texture to be very lightweight and creamy. Applying this also, I found it to go into my skin very quickly and naturally with then washing it off with lukewarm water it left my skin feeling very fresh and smooth. Overall I do really like this product and will be continuing to use it.

Gentle Exfoliant Blue (, £35.98)


At first, when using this product, I found it to be quite a strange texture on my skin, as this this very much like a cream except it contains tiny micro bead like seeds in it (just like exfoliant products usually do). 

Once you have applied this onto you skin, using circular motions to rub it in you then wash it off with lukewarm water and for me my skin felt very fresh and clean.

Energising Conditioner (, £54.99)


When using this product I found that right away, it has a very very very thin consistency, to the point where actually it’s more like a liquid. This however isn’t a bad thing, only a point that I felt I must state first, as actually after the tightness of the gentle exfoliant product this feels lovely and almost cooling on the skin.

Refreshing Hydrating Mist (, £54.99)


When using this product I found that actually the sensation is a bit like using and spraying a make-up setting spray on your face, except the spray on this product is a bit more powerful and it feels a bit more like spraying water on your face than a fine mist. It is however, in my opinion very refreshing and adds a nice break from applying all of those cream like products.

Realive Serum (, £105.00)


I found this step and therefore this product to be amazingly refreshing for my skin! It is lovely and very easy to apply but it does however have a scent of lavender, which for some I know would be a turn off. 

Enriching Moisturiser Blue (, £58.99)


I do have to say I was very relieved to have reached the final stage, as I am personally not used to applying so many products, one after another especially. Although saying this, as it did get to the second and third day it became more just like a daily routine and actually I have to say I didn’t take as long in applying them all.

When using this product I found the texture and consistency to be very much like the cleansing lotion and by this I mean it is creamy. This product also has a very lovely lemony scent, that really seems to stand out as you rub it into your skin. In my opinion it is a very lovely finishing product, as personally I find it to lock in your skin’s smoothness and all of the goodness from the previous products.

After all of the morning routine stages and applying each product onto my skin, my skin felt extremely hydrated, moisturised, prepared and prepped, it also and I don’t really know how, felt a lot tighter, especially around my forehead.

Included also were these two body products – 

Beauty Body Lotion (, £35.98)


Beauty Body Shower (, £10.99)


Both of these products are very lovely, they smell amazing and left my skin feeling very smooth and soft.

Going on to the evening routine…

Cleansing Oil Dé-Maq (, £39.99)


To begin you first must remove your make-up using the cleansing oil dé-maq product. I personally when starting to use this found it to be very oily and quite a thick liquid in consistency; when comparing it to another liquid make-up remover anyway. I also personally have very sensitive eyes, especially when it comes to make-up and make-up remover and therefore prefer to use wipes rather than liquid to remove my eye make-up. So when it came to using this product I didn’t feel completely comfortable but of course this is just a personal preference and I know many people prefer liquid anyway. I did find however that after taking my make-up off using a wipe that using this to really just pick up any traces of make-up left on my skin worked very well too and left my skin feeling very cleansed and prepared for the next step.

Dew Facial Wash (, £39.99)


This has one of the best fragrances of honey and lemon. 

The dew facial wash is actually one of my favourite products and stages, as with this you spray a few drops into a bowl of warm water and then place a face cloth in the water for it to soak, after this you squeeze out any excess water from the cloth and then place the cloth onto your face for your pores to open and for your skin to gently prepare for the products to follow.

I found this product to be very cooling, soft and refreshing to my skin that actually also left it  more softer. It also left my skin feeling conditioned and more relaxed, ready for the next stage.

Followed by applying the Energising Conditioner and then Refreshing Hydrating Mist

Which to be honest and of course in my opinion have the exact same reason and give the exact same feeling and texture to your skin as in the morning routine.

Lastly you then apply the Realive Serum, followed by the last stage of Enriching Moisturiser. 

Again I feel these gave the exact same effect as in the morning routine.

By the end of the evening routine my skin was feeling very dewy for some time and after all of these stages and by the end of the day my skin was feeling incredibly hydrated and moisturised! In fact I don’t think it’s ever felt as hydrated and moisturised before! I would recommend for you to check AEOS Skincare out, if you haven’t already, as they do have some really lovely products!

Have you tried this product yet?

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