How to Properly Apply Powder

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The finishing touch to our makeup look, our best friend who ensures we don’t look more like a mirror than a girl in pictures. Whatever way you like to think of it, powdering your face is an essential step in our makeup routines. It ensures our makeup is long lasting and our face is shine free, however plenty of us out there just apply it any old way. But there is in fact a technique to applying powder correctly just like concealer and brow pencil, there is a technique specific to powder application.


First and foremost your brush. There are a number of powder brushes out there. It is best to have two powder brushes. A large powder brush for the forehead, cheeks, chin and jawline. And a smaller powder brush for areas such as the under eyes, nose and upper lip. Having a smaller powder brush ensures that powder can be applied evenly. Avoid using sponges to apply powder as they harbor bacteria and can often remove your other makeup if applied too much pressure.

When applying powder tap any excess off the brush to prevent that rather awful caked on look.eye-brushes-042

Do not apply the powder in circular motions. There are very tiny hairs on all of our faces. Apply the powder gently to the face by rolling the brush back and forth and move down the face as you do so. This will make all of the hairs lie flat on your face.


Apply the powder using a small amount of pressure this will prevent caking and ensure that the powder is transferred to your face and not left on your brush.

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Once you are finished with this step you want to set the powder.  Using a setting spray like  Urban Decay’s All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray, ($30, Macys) will ensure that your powder and makeup will stay in place all day and into the night!

What is your favorite setting spray?


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