April GlossyScopes | 2016

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Happy Spring, GlossyGirls!


Sharing your ideas is something that you’re excited about! But don’t be so serious. People will follow your lead when you’re more laid back. Your secret weapon of persuasion is a little self-deprecation.


Getting motivated lately has been really hard for you, and yet, you can’t help but to say yes when someone asks something of you. Relax, once your head is in the game, nothing will stop you!


You’ve been holding your head up for so long that you’re starting to become an emotional wreck. Take a deep breath and set aside some ‘you’ time. You’ll feel a million times better that you did.


If you’ve been feeling tense at work, having a heart to heart with that certain coworker could clear the air and make future days a lot smoother. Mutual respect is key!


Your energy is unrivaled! There is nothing that could stop you, but yourself. Keep working hard, but try not to outshine the others to prevent bad feelings from bubbling to the surface.


You’ve been feeling just a wee bit annoyed lately, and you might be easily provoked if someone brings you into their drama. As one of the signs that can let their anger get the best of them, take a deep breath and, like Elsa, let it go.


You thrive on helping others and care about whether someone is doing well or not. But this month needs to be about you. Standing up for yourself has never been easy, but once you make yourself known to the others around you, you’ll get the well-deserved appreciation that you’ve been looking for.


You really, really want to take your time doing things this month. In an effort to not feel rushed, take the time to explain what you’re trying to do and listen to the people around you. They might have some good ideas that will help you.


April is going to be an exciting month for you, Sagittarius! But before you go and start worrying about the future, you need to focus on the present. Pursue your current goals and everything else will fall into place.


You’re just a little caught up in your own problems this month. The best thing that you can do is take a step back and try to re-evaluate what’s going on. Finding something else to occupy your mind will help ease some of that stress. Maybe start a new family on Sims?


Everything that you had planned for the month? Ditch it. Ditch it all and start from scratch! It’s going to feel incredibly satisfying throwing caution to the wind and being a little rebellious!


Unlike Aquarius, you should stick to a laid out plan. Being spontaneous is not in the cards for you at the moment and could end up backfiring on you. Stick to your map, you will get there in no time.

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