At-Home Gel Manicure in Two Easy Steps!

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Need the rockstar resilience of a gel mani but not enough time or money to stop at the salon? Story of my life, friends. That’s why I’m over-the-moon obsessed with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel: you can find it at your local drugstore and/or Ulta, it’s super affordable even for this collegiate bum, and you don’t need any newfangled technological equipment. You don’t need anything except a Miracle Gel polish and the top coat– please, hold the applause until the end.

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Are you going to get the weeks upon weeks of wear like you would with a salon-cemented shellac? Honestly, no. However, it will last way longer than regular ol’ nail polish, and you’ve got a spectacular rainbow of colors to keep trying anyway.

This is not my first rodeo with Miracle Gel, but this time around I used Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, B Girl ($9.99, Ulta) for a nice summery color with, of course, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, Top Coat ($9.99, Ulta).


Here we go:

Starting Point: The Basics


Trim and file as you normally would and you’re ready to start!

Step 1: Pretty Polish


There are a ton of colors and they’re always coming out with more. Pictured is Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, B Girl ($9.99, Ulta). For this polish in particular, you’ll need at least two coats, but with some darker colors you only really need one. A few other favorites of mine are Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, All Chalked Up ($9.99, Ulta) and Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, Red Eye ($9.99, Ulta). No matter what color, be sure it’s basically dry before moving on!

Step 2: Miraculous Top Coat


Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, Top Coat ($9.99, Ulta) smooths and illuminates as you apply it. Feel free to do two coats if you so desire! As always, let dry.

And that’s it.

All this asks is that you treat it like a regular polish and top coat, and the Miracle Gel will do the rest. That sounds like a pretty good plan to me.

Have you tried Sally Hansen Miracle Gel?

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