#Behindthemakeup with @TINAKPROMUA! Interview and Video!

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#Behindthemakeup with @TINAKPROMUA! Interview and Video!
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#Behindthemakeup with @TINAKPROMUA! Interview and Video!


#Behindthemakeup with @TINAKPROMUA! Interview and Video!
#Behindthemakeup with @TINAKPROMUA! Interview and Video!


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The more beautiful and confident you feel the more the world will see you that way. If you feel like shit you’ll look like shit. Its simple.

1.What is a day in the life of Tina!

I work a desk job Mon-Fri, during the week I go to work. Gym everyday during my lunch hour and as soon as I get out Im back to blogging. On the weekends I try to get errands done and make videos or new looks and get most of my blogging done. It’s a busy schedule but I love doing this so I sacrifice all of my free time, my desk job is just to maintain my lifestyle until I can turn my dreams into an income.

2.How did you career begin in the world of beauty?

I started playing with makeup and practicing on myself when I was 13. At 16 I needed a job, my aunt helped me look on the local mall website and a photography studio was hiring for a makeup artist. I had no experience besides practicing on myself but I went in and applied anyways lol. I don’t know where I got this false sense of confidence from but it worked ! The manager kept my application and called me right before turning 17 for an interview. I got the job as a makeup artist and stayed for 7 years. I learned how to do make up on every skin tone and type. I also learned photography, graphic art work including retouching, and sales. Basically all you need to be a beauty blogger lol That’s when I knew nothing but the beauty industry would work for me.

3.Which celebrity would you love to do makeup for?

Beyonce !!

4.How would you describe your signature look?

I had to go back on my Instagram to look lol very strobed skin, dramatic facial expressions, and a whole lot of hair !

5.What is your most memorable moment while doing someone’s makeup?

I haven’t had one yet. I’m not a big freelancer. So doing someone else’s makeup hasn’t given me that feeling yet. It’s when I create a look that I envisioned from inspiration and execute it exactly how I wanted to. Those are the moments I remember.

6.What is the most important beauty advice that you can give to women?

Take care of your insides first. Your skin will always tell you what is wrong before a doctor, even emotionally. You need to love who you are and your canvas (face) before you tried to hide it with beauty products. Let makeup be the fun part.

7.What are some common beauty mistakes women make?

Oh god. This is a very opinionated question. Things I see as mistakes are too much contouring, wrong shade of contouring, not enough contouring, and black eyeliner in the water line.

8.Do you feel that looking and feeling beautiful is important in regard to a woman’s confidence?

I do. The universe will bounce off of you. Looking beautiful is up to you. I think I look beautiful with or without makeup and that makes me feel confident. The more beautiful and confident you feel the more the world will see you that way. If you feel like shit you’ll look like shit. Its simple.

9.Have you achieved all of your goals?  If not what are they?

Of course not. Because even if I reached them all I will think of new ones to work for.

Ill only tell you one and keep the rest for myself. One of my short term goals would creatively direct more videos and photo shoots for the fashion and beauty industry.

10.Who has inspired you throughout your career?

This is a very long list. To sum it up without carrying on forever, the ambitious women. I take notice of other women who are doing the most for themselves so unapologetically. I often feel insecure and scared to keep going but that’s when I remind myself of all the women who have made it following their dreams. One name I always remember is Bobbi Brown. In her book she stated she used to do makeup for free just for the experience, and how at one runway show she forgot her lip products so she made some with eyeshadow and clear gloss behind the scenes, she used a brown shade and after the show brown lipstick colors were everything that year. I remember my mom wearing it too! That’s the type of shit girls need to hear. You make the best out of a shitty situation and you keep going.

11.Do you see yourself one day creating your own line of makeup?


12.What are some of your favorite products?

I love foundations, illuminators, highlighters, wispy and dramatic lashes, a great lip pencil. Heres a link to my recent Favorites video-

13.Favorite concealer?

A very strong tie between Maybelline Fit me concealer and Amazing concealer

14.What should be a staple in every woman’s purse?

All women are so different so this was hard to decide on but Im going to go with an eyebrow pencil and a small concealer. Because even if you don’t feel like wearing makeup drawing in your eyebrows a little bit will just make you look a little bit more put together. The concealer for those un expected blemishes that decide to show up out of nowhere and disrespect you lol

15.Do you believe that less is more?

Yes but only in some cases. Sometimes a beautifully done makeup application takes a lot of products but sometimes for some faces very little makeup looks much better.

16.What advice would you give to someone who is interested in getting into the beauty industry?

I get asked at least twice a day “how did you get started” lol, My advice is just go for it! No one gets to decide for you who you are and what you want to do. If you want to be something relating to the beauty industry than do it. The tools, the knowledge, the talent that is all up to you to accommodate. I never went to beauty school I couldn’t afford it so I taught myself and never let that stop me.

17.How do you cleanse your skin?

Ole Henrikson Melting Cleanser is amazing to remove makeup, Philosophy Face Wash is so gentle and removes any dirt and makeup left over, Clinique Exfoliant 3-4 times a week, and Olay Toner.

18.Bullying on Instagram is something that happens all the time.  How do you handle any negative comments?

Depends on what mood I’m in. If I woke up sassy Ill probably post the comment and laugh or make a joke of it. But they never bother me. I know it does happen often and probably worse than the comments I’ve gotten but its easy to block someone. Also, these people that feel like they need to bully are very ill. Don’t let it bother you.

19.What is beauty to you?

Beauty is when you love yourself unconditionally. I admire people who are completely themselves unapologetically. That is beautiful.

Editors Note:  As a self taught, ambitious woman Tina is a great example of what you should do with your life.  Whether, it’s in the makeup field or not GO FOR IT!  Learn from her!


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