Benefit Roller Lash Mascara Review!

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So. Here we are again. Mascara. The great love but also great bane of my existence. I think it’s because I find my lashes to be so dull all the time that I always need to find new mascaras to enhance them.

And that shall be the excuse I have for buying new ones before my old ones run out. When it comes to the whole enhancing thing though, I have to say, Benefit got it right.

Benefit Roller Lash, ($24.00,Benefit)

When I first saw this on the shelf at my local Sephora, I’ll admit that I wasn’t sold. I didn’t really ‘get’ it. Roller lash? What the heck is that supposed to mean? The packaging looked so heavy and weird and I thought that it ACTUALLY rolled. *head desk* But after seeing so many bloggers raving about it, and seeing the results that others were getting, I decided that I needed to at least try it.

glossyfinds_benefitrollerlash3 4

It’s definitely not as heavy as it looks, thankfully. Much more lightweight than Too Faced Better Than Sex. The applicator is plastic, sadly, and the one I got seems to have been damaged in one spot. But I didn’t return it because it still works just fine.

glossyfinds_benefitrollerlash2 3

Let me tell you, this mascara does everything that it says it’s supposed to do. My eyelashes have never looked so long before! And it comes off just as easy at the end of the day. This is worth the twenty four dollars that it goes for at Sephora. However, I’m going to give it an overall 6 out of 10.

glossyfinds_benefitrollerlash5 5

It could have done a much better job when it came to thickening, something that Too Faced nails with Better Than Sex. The applicator, as you all know, is just a big no for me if it’s not an actual brush, and the fact that the applicator was damaged when I first opened it was a bit of a downer.

However, I have been using this mascara at least five days a week and have definitely been loving it! You can get Benefit’s Roller Lash Mascara, ($24.00, at most online drugstores.

Too Faced or Benefit which do you prefer?

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