The Best DIY Hair Masks to Nourish and Revitalize Your Scalp on Pinterest!

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We all know the feeling of seeing the girl in the shampoo commercial with her perfect shiny long hair and wondering how can we get our own hair to be that impossibly perfect?  I’m sorry to report that nobody’s hair is actually that perfect. But of course there are means and ways of mending and nourishing our hair so that it is in the best condition it can be. Pinterest is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to pretty much anything and there is certainly no shortage of DIY face and hair masks available. With so many to choose from how can you be expected to find the right one for your hair? Well fear not as here at Glossyfinds we want to bring the best of beauty straight to you. So keep reading for the best DIY hair masks Pinterest has to offer.

For the hair grower:


If you have recently gone and chopped off your locks and are now regretting it or you are half way to the length you want your hair to be and cannot take the painstaking process of growing out your hair, than this is the mask for you. Now, your hair won’t grow five inches in five minutes but it will grow much quicker and stronger than usual.

For the heat styling havoc:


Plenty of us will use a curling wand or heat styler occasionally and some of us will use them everyday. Using such high temperatures can cause serious damage.  For such damaged hair check out this mask.

For sun damaged hair:


As one who has expierenced sun damaged hair I can tell you hydration is key. Now that it’s Fall I’m sure this one will be of use to many of you out there.

For Fine Hair:


Fine hair can be unpleasant to own as it often limits how you can style your hair. Sure a sleek ponytail looks great but a head of volumized curls will never happen.  Fear not, this simple three ingredient DIY hair mask will help to strengthen and thicken your hair.

For Frizzy Hair:


If your hair is unruly and just can’t be tamed try out this de-frizzing hair mask.

For the Broke Beauty:


If you’re counting every penny you have or just like to minimize your spending than take a look at this simple inexpensive hair mask that is very nourishing and will keep your locks in good condition.

For intensely nourished hair:


Hair can definitely take a hammering between the humid spring rain, the hot summer sun, the breezy Fall or the icy chill of winter. It can be pretty difficult to keep your hair looking lovely. Try this simple hot oil DIY hair mask for richly nourished hair.

For itchy scalp:


Yes it can be embarrassing to give your head a little scratch in class and have a small snowy blizzard fall from your head.  Embarrassment aside this is a sign of a seriously unhappy scalp. Try this avocado DIY mask to help relive that itchy feeling and repair your scalp.

So whether it’s growing those luscious locks to fixing that sun damaged hair, Pinterest will be your savior!

What is your hair dilemma?

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