BRAND NEW Covergirl Products: Get Ready with Me

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I should start by saying that Covergirl is my new favorite drugstore brand. To be completely honest, I’m not into drugstore brands, mainly because I’ve had too many disappointing runs.


After trying Milani ( a brand I’ve never used before) and COVERGIRL’s newest products, I am officially hooked.

giphy (4)

Covergirl All Day Flawless is bae.


I can’t rave enough of how it matches my complexion PERFECTLY and hydrates my skin without leaving it oily.

Checkout My Natural Makeup Tutorial with Covergirl’s Newest Products

Are you a new drugstore junkie? If so, have you tried Covergirl’s newest products? leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Foundation is always tricky, I try sticking to the brands I know. Bobbie Brown is an all time fave :)

  • Sarah Lyon

    Great to see another product to try. I really struggle with foundation xx

  • Thanks <3

  • Haha I think I’m going to take a break from Sephora and explore my drugstore’s makeup isles ^_^

  • Omg isn’t it fab? My lips feel smooth and oh so soft!

  • Try ebay, you might find them there :) Thanks for stopping by <3

  • Awe thank you :)

  • Drugstore makeup has come a long way

  • Awe thank you :)

  • Thanks for stopping by, I strongly recommend them :)

  • Kerry O’Byrne

    Great video! Need to try these products, thanks for sharing :)

  • Mr Tom James

    Will definitely be sharing this with all the girls at uni :)

  • Dunja

    Love drugstore makeup! Can’t wait to try those products :)

  • I love your GIF! Super nice tutorial!

  • Sandra Mo

    I think we don’t have these products here in Belgium but definitely have to find them :) Tks for sharing !

  • I bought the Oh Sugar lipstick, and I love it! The texture is so nice. I’ve been planning to grab a few more colors from that line.

  • Kimberly Beechey

    I am a regular drugstore make up buyer! Cannot afford much more. I definitley find covergirl really good though!

  • Very nice makeup tutorial! Great work. I like it!

  • Awe thank you <3

  • You did a great tutorial – I am terrible at making YouTube videos… so kudos to you for a nice job :)

  • Awe thank you ^_^ I try making my tutorials as entertaining as possible ^_^

  • I have no idea, but I’m afraid, another UK blogger said it wasn’t available in the UK. I’m sorry :/

  • Jessica Rose Bignell

    I’ve not tried this makeup yet but I’m a huge fan of drugstore make up! Nice tutorial. ☺

  • Fatima Ali

    Nice find. Milani seems to be an Italian brand. Isn’t it? Where in UK is it available?
    Your makeup tutorial is very nice. Hope to try the look soon.

    Fatima |