Brighten Your Hair Up This Spring

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Now that Spring has officially made it’s debut following the #itsgonnabemay hashtag (holla fellow Nsync lovers), the time has come to make sure your hair is well aware of the change of season. I have here the top three ways that you can achieve this!

1. Pastel – dip dye or all around dye

I know a lot of people that dye their hair in pastels. It definitely doesn’t suit everyone, but most can pull it off. If this is something you’ve been wanting to try, why not this Spring?! If you have dark hair, brown or black, you’re going to have to do some serious bleaching before attempting this kind of dye. I shouldn’t even have to say this, but this IS VERY DAMAGING TO YOUR HAIR. Also, it is a chemical, so be careful with it around your face and eyes and hands.

Now that my warnings are all over and done with, my friends have suggested that first time pastel dyers should go to a professional to get you started. I agree, since so much could go wrong! But if you want to do it at home, I recommend using Manic Panic or Special Effects hair dye to get your colors. I used to dye my hair neon orange and bright red and Special Effects was a God send! Mix your dye with a WHITE conditioner, as this will help give the color a pastel look (or so I’ve heard), and then eyeball the amount of color you want to use. This is all in a mixing bowl, so you will need gloves and a brush applicator. And someone to help you get those hard to see spots! You can go for the whole head or the dip dye, a la Sprinkle of Glitter, as I’ve found that is quite pretty as well.

Following the general layout of dying your hair, after washing out the excess, you should have lovely, pastel hair! It’s great for this time of year because it will really help you get into the fever of flowers sprouting and all that warm air! If I could get away with it, I’d be dying my hair mint green! (I love that color, just saying!) If you’re not comfortable with ACTUALLY dying your hair, you could always try hair chalk. TA-DA!


2. Ombre

Ombre is another type of dip dying that you could try, but one that I advise you try with a professional. For this look to work, you really need to get the blending right. I think this look works on practically everybody and has honestly been something I’ve been thinking of trying! I think it definitely brightens up the face and leaves it more open. The most common is the brown to blonde blend that, in my opinion, has been made popular by Youtuber Zoella. There are tons of ways and color combinations that you can try though and I’ve seen red to blonde, black to red, black to blonde, brown to blue, and even blonde to brown/black. It’s open for experiment!

3. Frame the face highlights

The last thing that has been pretty popular throughout the celebrities of the day, is face framing with highlights. I think this makes your face look fuller and healthier, something that we all strive for, and it definitely leaves it open and free. These can be more subtle so if you’re looking for change but don’t want it to be too drastic, this is the option for you!


What will you try with your hair this Spring?

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