Delectable from Cake Beauty, Bronzing Body Lotion Review!

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By now most of us sun lovers will have a nice tan and that sun-kissed look!  I know that I literally spent 3 weekends in a row for 8 hours a day laying out by the pool.  I made it my mission to have a natural tan in time for my sisters bachelorette party and wedding in September!  I’m happy to announce that goal has been achieved!

  Now, there is always sunless tanning which I do as well because things are never enough for me.  But some people don’t like using the sunless tanner in fear of streaking or turning orange.  However, I recently found a product that will create a sun-kissed glow without the streaking and will wash off when you shower!


It’s by Delectable from Cake Beauty and it’s called Skin Perfecting Bronzing Body Lotion, ($18.00,  You can also find this product and many of their other amazing products at Kohl’s!  It contains argan oil, shea butter and aloe vera and bonus it’s paraben free!  You apply it just as you would your body lotion and it leaves  a streak free, transfer free, sheer bronze to your skin.

Since I’m really tan right now it was sort of hard for me to get a good picture.  So I did one on the palm of my hand so you can see what this product actually does.  Below you can see the bronzing shimmer effect it has.

IMG_2134 (2)

It’s a nice transition from your skin color.  Below I took a photo of my legs to try and show you the natural transition.


IMG_2135 (2)
Top No Bronzer, Bottom Bronzer

As you can see it gives a nice bronze without looking streaky or orange.  If you want more bronze just re-apply another layer!

My Review:  It smells delicious and leaves your skin looking delicious.  I used this in the beginning of June on my legs when I was super pale and my legs looked awesome.  It gave them a shimmery bronze look and kept them moisturized all night.  Now, I like to use it on top of my tanned legs to create a shimmery sheen.  Sometimes I’ll mix it in with my regular body lotion for a more subtle effect.

What else can a girl ask for in a body lotion?!   

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