The Ultimate Guide For Cleaning Out Your Closet

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As much as I’ve always been very interested in fashion, and putting together my own looks, I never went to school for it. So I never felt like it was something I should write about.

However, organizing is one of my specialties! So I’m taking this opportunity to give my tips on how to spring clean and organize your closet. If you have a tiny closet (like mine) or an amazing walk in closet (I’m jealous), these tips could be put to good use!

For me, this tends to be a project that lasts several hours, so I suggest starting early.  You will have time for breaks, and you don’t have to go to bed with stuff all over the floor!

Step 1:

After emptying everything out, I bring out the trash bags. I usually get two, one for real trash, and one bag of things to be donated.


Step 2:

I’ve always found that to make things cleaner, they first need to be made more messy. Any time I clean something, I like to really take it apart. It’s the best way to assess what I’m working with!


Step 3:

The trash can be easily found, and there probably isn’t much in there. Since you’re pretty aware of what clothes have rips or stains in them, just grab them and toss them.


Step 4:

If you’re like me, and use your closet for other storage, you may have some other types of trash in there too.  Grab all of it and get it out so you can start on the organizing.


Step 5:

Before you get into major organizing, you should choose what clothes you want to donate.

Ask yourself these questions:

-Does it fit me?
-If it’s stained or damaged can it be repaired?
-Is it my style?
-Do I feel confident in this?
-If I was shopping right now, would I buy this?
-Have I worn this in the last year?
-Will I wear it within the next year?

If the answer is no to any of them, (unless it’s your wedding dress) throw that piece of clothing in the donate bag!


My clothes are arranged on the hangers by color.  Dresses on pink hangers, tops on black, jackets on green and so on. This is not a necessary step, it just makes my life and OCD, a little bit easier.


The hangers with the little notches on it, also save me! They’re the only ones that I like because they prevent the clothes from falling off the hangers and into the bottom of the abyss never to be seen again.


A lot of people find it helpful to color code their clothes. For me, I have a mental inventory of all the clothes I own.  So I don’t need to code it by color. It’s easier for me to code the hangers so I can find whatever I’m looking for right away. But if color coding your clothes is what helps you, I’d definitely go for it now.

color coding

When putting your hangers back in the closet, put the hangers backwards and when you wear the clothes put the hanger the opposite way. Mark your calendar for this month next year, and then in a year any clothes that are still on backwards hangers should be donated! Because you obviously don’t wear them ;)


That’s how I Spring clean my closet.  Organization is important and makes your life so much easier.

What are your useful closet cleaning tips?

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