It’s Poppin’: ColourPop’s Neon Eye Shadow

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Bring Ariel into reality with ColourPop Neon Eye Shadow, Mermaid Kiss ($5, ColourPop)! Let’s make one thing clear before you rush out and buy stock in this shocking shadow: This color is not for the faint of heart. This is the kind of eye shadow you put on when you’re feeling your most whimsical, daring, and confident. If you’ve got the guts to rock a neon yellow-green lid, you will love this product! 

I cannot recall anyone in my lifetime ever wearing makeup of this color, until now—and it was me. My first swipe of this creamy shadow was sheer delight. It immediately transported me to another world: perhaps an undersea kingdom, perhaps a Glamour centerfold. I think this shadow is best when you use it as more of a thick liner, as it’s enough to make your eyes pop but isn’t too overwhelming. (I also suggest nude lipstick when wearing this shadow so that everyone can focus on the glorious whimsy that is your eye).

I tested this shadow by wearing it to a rehearsal. Here were some of the reactions:

“Oh my God, I love your makeup!”

“Your eyes look so cool! What is that?”

“Of course you can pull that off.”

“Did the Green Lantern punch you in the face?”

For transparency’s sake, that last one was one of the guys and his fashion opinion isn’t much to weight, anyway. However, all the girls in the cast were loving it, and I ended up using this eye shadow for my Rapunzel makeup in the show! It’s definitely a super luminous, super pigmented, and super fun shade that is worth trying when you want to let your bolder side out to play. It’s soft and creamy in texture and stays put without the use of primer. If you have any sympathies at all toward mermaids, definitely try ColourPop Neon Eye Shadow, Mermaid Kiss ($5, ColourPop)! Go big or go home, right?


What’s the craziest eye makeup color you’ve ever worn?

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