Thank you for choosing GlossyFinds for your product reviews. We love trying out old and new beauty products and letting our readers know how awesome your brand is! You can also send in your products for giveaway collaborations and GlossyFinds Beauty Awards.

Submissions for GlossyFinds Beauty Awards

GlossyFinds loves featuring effective beauty products and give them the glossy credit they deserve!

At the start of next year, we plan to select the best beauty products from all year round and announce the best ones for our readers as part of the GlossyFinds Beauty Awards.
If you are a brand and you want your products nominated for the GlossyFinds Beauty Awards, please read the submission guidelines below and apply soon!

  • To be a GlossyFinds Beauty Awards Brand nomination, you must submit at least three different beauty products from your brand. Please make sure that each product is submitted as a separate submission. Be sure to include “GlossyFinds Beauty Awards Submission” in your package
  • The submission of each beauty product, as a nomination, MUST be accompanied by the product sample sent to the GlossyFinds address listed below. Once sent, samples will not be returned in any case.
  • All product submissions for GlossyFinds Beauty Awards 2015 must be made and samples sent by 28th February 2015. No late submissions will be accepted to ensure each product is given a fair review trial.
  • GlossyFinds will alert all winning brands. starting 21st March 2015, about their products that won and to finalize any required details.
  • The winners of the GlossyFinds Beauty Awards will be announced on 4th April 2015 at

Submissions for Products Reviews & Rewards Gallery

For submission for Tested & Reviewed, or to be featured in our Rewards Gallery, please send in at least three of your product samples for review.

Here are some submission guidelines that we would like you to read before sending in your product:

  1. We do not guarantee reviews but we do guarantee absolute consideration for each and every product that you send. If we do not review your product immediately, do not worry. We keep them with us for a few months and we might review it in the future.
  2. If you need your product to be reviewed immediately as part of some product launch or any other valid reason, please do mention so.
  3. We usually try the makeup products for a couple of days and then post reviews. For skin care products, we prefer trying them for at least one month before writing a review on it. Our review will be final and we will not make any changes whatsoever unless there is a name change of the product or an update in pricing and availability details.
  4. Please make sure that you only send in samples of products that are available for retail. We review products for our readers, which is why we only accept products that are available to them easily.
  5. Any products not related to beauty will not be considered for review.

We appreciate you reading, understanding and accepting our guidelines before sending in the products. If you are on board, please send in your products to the following address, with your brand and product details. We look forward to receiving your products and trying them out! 


Attention: Kenia Mazariegos

P.O.Box 8510

New York, NY 10150.