The Emmy Awards 2015 – Our Top Eight Moments

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A storm on Twitter has occurred after the 2015 Emmy Awards which arguably were the best yet. From heart wrenching speeches (pass us the tissues please) to showstopping dresses, and deserving award winners, it truly was a sight to behold. Here are our eight favorite moments:

1. Viola Davis’ Acceptance Speech
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After becoming the first woman of color to win an Emmy, Viola Davis created a speech that has kept people talking days after. In what was an ode to darker skinned ladies within the industry, Viola thanked her peers with a speech that rocked the audience as she spoke of the difficulties for black women to get a leading role and how “you cannot win an Emmy for a role that is not there”, Kerry Washington’s emotional face in the audience summed it up for us. See part of the speech here.

2. The Best Dressed
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Choosing only five of the best dressed was more difficult than doing a manicure one-handed, but we did manage to narrow it down to five of our favourites. Sofia Vergara oozed glamour and sophistication in a beautiful St Johns dress which caused us serious curve envy.


Maggie Gyllenhaal looked like a fairytale princess in her vibrant, two toned purple gown.


Yellow isn’t the easiest colour to pull off but Padma Lakshmi gave off goddess vibes with her yellow gold Romona Keveza dress.

For Laura Peplon the beautiful red dress was striking on its own, but it was the detailed shrug that we couldn’t get enough of.


Finally we simply had to give Teyonah Paris a special mention we loved her fifties inspired polka dot gown, plus her hair was to die for. See the rest of the outfits here.

3. Terence Howard’s awkward kiss with Taraji P Henson
the kiss
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We had to feel for Taraji P Henson as she co-presented with Terence Howard, not only did he insult her pronunciation and mess up his lines, but the kiss – oh the kiss. After presenting the second award, nervous Taraji couldn’t help but roll her eyes and wipe her cheek after Terence planted a wet kiss on her cheek. Don’t worry Taraji, we would have probably done the same. See everyone’s reactions here.

4. Amy Schumer wins her first Emmy
Amy Achumer
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As the current queen of comedy (a bold statement yes, but I dare you to watch her sketches and not laugh) it was only a matter of time before Amy Schumer won her first Emmy and of course she received it with gratitude, tears and humor. In her emotional acceptance speech she said: “This show fights for what we believe in, we care about this show so much.” Get the rest of the details here.

5. Uzo Aduba wins Emmy for “Outstanding Support Actress in a Drama” (and makes us all cry with her acceptance speech.)

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Of all the speeches we couldn’t help but shed tears as Uzo Aduba spilled her gratitude and tears onto the stage. She thanked her co-stars, team and family telling her sister that she was “humbled to be her sister” after opening her speech with “I really just want to say thank you a thousand times”. From tears of laughter in Orange Is The New Black, to tears of joy as she received her Emmy, Uzo Aduba has firmly embedded herself within our hearts. Get all of the information you need here.

6. Jeffrey Tambor thanks the Transgender Community with his acceptance speech.
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As he accepted an Emmy for Best Lead Actor Comedy, Jeffrey did thank a lot of people but perhaps the most heartwarming thanks was at the end of his speech as he dedicated his performance to the transgender community for their “patience, courage, stories, inspiration and for letting us be part of the change.” This was following the support he received for his character Maura Pfefferman in Transparent. Read more about it here.

7. Surprise Appearance – The return of Tracy Morgan
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Although the audience had certain expectations for this year’s Emmy Awards, Tracy Morgan still managed to gain the upper hand with a surprise appearance, marking his first appearance at a Hollywood event since his car accident in which he lost his best friend and fell into a coma. He said: “This was my publicist Lewis Kay’s idea. He said, ‘What you want to do is let Hollywood welcome you home.’ And I loved that idea. I loved the idea of getting back with my community, the show business community. I loved it.” Check out his full interview here.

8. Andy Samberg nails first time Emmy’s host

Andy Samberg poses on the red carpet for the 87th Oscars on February 22, 2015 in Hollywood, California. AFP PHOTO / MLADEN ANTONOVMLADEN ANTONOV/AFP/Getty Images

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His jokes may not be for everyone but we certainly had a few chuckles at Andy Samberg’s opening video about how many television shows he has watched in the run up to the Emmys and we have to admit, we can understand the need to see every television show that everyone is talking about. Watch the video here.

That concludes our eight favorite moments, what were your favorite moments?

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