Too Faced Stardust by Vegas Nay Palette Review

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As a self proclaimed eyeshadow devotee, I couldn’t wait to tell you all about the new Too Faced Stardust by Vegas Nay Palette – a stunning palette that has already exploded into the beauty world. Here’s everything you need to know and why this palette will make you feel starry eyed and glossified.


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The Too Faced Stardust Palette by Vegas Nay ($45.00, Ulta) is available exclusively at Ulta and is in collaboration with Naomi Giannopoulos (known as Vegas Nay), an instagram beauty star known for her pictorials.

The packaging is aesthetically pleasing with a fusion of pink and gold and is lightweight, homing twelve stunning eyeshadows. In addition to the eyeshadows a deluxe size of the infamous Better Than Sex Mascara, alongside a Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye Primer and a Glitter Pigment are all included within the package. Too Faced is also cruelty free so ladies who are against animal testing can still use this palette.

Of course, the shadows are richly pigmented, glide onto the eyelids and blend beautifully. For a higher end product this most certainly lives up to expectations and the eyeshadows have an array of different tones and finishes ranging from glitter to satin, to metallic and matte.
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From top to bottom the shades, tones and finishes of the twelve eyeshadows are as follows:
Chandelier – Cream with a satin finish
Millennial – Peachy brown with a matte finish.
Girl’s Night – Medium red brown with a matte finish.
#Selfie: White with a pink pearl finish.
Showgirl: Peachy bronze with a metallic finish.
Jackpot: Dark brown with a golden sparkle finish.
Pink Pearl: Pale pink with a pearl finish
The Strip: Silvery pink with a sparkle finish.
Follow Me: A rich purple with a blue sparkle finish.
Double Tap: A deep brown with a matte finish.
Golden Nugget: Yellow gold with a metallic finish.
Sin City: A deep blackened brown with a matte finish.

The eyeshadows themselves have a great mix of warm and cool tones and there’s a variety of shades so this is a versatile palette. This set definitely gives you more bang for your buck with the high quality shadows and additional primer, mascara and pigment. This set truly is a star.

I hope that you enjoyed this post, will you be buying the Too Faced Stardust by Vegas Nay Palette?


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