Faces All Makeup Lovers Know Too Well

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As the makeup lovers we are, there are some things we’ve all come to recognize.  Whether we love them or hate them, we can all recall a time when we ourselves have made every one of these faces.

1. When you forget to push down your lipstick and putting the cap back on and you end up breaking it… you realize your mistake immediately and are scared to look at the damage.

2. When you get a palette back from letting a friend borrow it and one of the colors is broken! You look back on your friendship and wonder how someone you never thought would hurt you, could break your heart like that.

3. When you see someone test the lipstick on their lips instead of swatching it on their hand. Honestly, who does that? Don’t be gross people.

4. When you see someone with completely unblended eye shadow. You try not to stare but you secretly want to whip out your blending brush and help a sister out.

5. When someone with the wrong colored foundation, and that line of demarcation on their chin… That’s not cute, and nobody can pull that off. Did you really think you were that tan?!

6. When a friend tells you she doesn’t clean her makeup brushes weekly… Sorry, I just hallucinated… What?!

7. When your boyfriend tells you you’re taking too long to apply makeup. The best part of going out is the getting ready part! So sorry, but you can wait.

8. When a new release is sold out in 5 minutes.

And you didn’t get there in time to get the products you’ve waited months for… it’s not fair, Why do bad things happen to good people?

9. When people tell you that they think you wear too much makeup… I don’t wear makeup for you, I wear it for myself so keep that opinion to yourself. Thanks!

10. When you explain that your arm is a little sore because of excessive blending. Blending is the most important part of makeup, so excuse me for having a sore arm from creating perfection. And maybe a little because I skipped the gym and have little to no upper body strength.

I know you all know what I’m talking about with these faces! Whether you made them yourself, or you’ve seen someone else make them, they’re universal to us makeup addicts!

What faces do the makeup lovers you know make?!

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