What to Do When Your Fake Tan Goes Wrong!

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For those of us who are blessed and simultaneously cursed with the fairest of skin, a fake tan is the only way to go. Fake tanning is much safer than lying out in the sun all day until you crisp up. However, fake tanning is not just limited to the super pale! Many of us will use it as an extra something, something. It can create a radiant glow to your skin but if not careful there may be pitfalls. Streaky and uneven tan is something that can effect the rookies and the pros.

 First and foremost if you have looked in the mirror and began to seriously question the lighting in your room because your skin is just a completely ridiculous shade jump in the shower grab a body scrub and go to town! Be careful not to scrub too hard and damage your own skin.

 If your regular scrub just isn’t tough enough grab some lemon juice and baking soda, mix up a paste and use this to gently scrub away the fake tan mishap. This is one of the most effective and gentler ways to take your tan from awful to awesome.

 If you have done a self-tan session at home and you have been left with bright orange or darker than chocolate hands, grab a heavy duty makeup remover and some makeup wipes. Then wipe away until your palms match the rest of you.

 Left with a streaky tan? Fear not there is a simple solution. If your tan hasn’t quite dried, then grab a mitt and rub in small circular motions to blend the tan out and blend away the streaks. If your tan has dried pretty well, you can either take body lotion or a small amount more tan and rub it in again to blend everything together.

Hopefully these tips will help save any of you out there with a fake tan that hasn’t gone quite as you expected. If all else fails grab a maxi skirt and smile, it will wear off eventually we promise.

Have you ever had any fake tan mishaps?!

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