Get Fruity: Colorful Looks Inspired by the Season

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Struggling for something to spice up your summer look? Pondering a new pretty palette but lacking the perspective? Not to fear—you can take a page from someone who’s always in season: Mother Nature herself. Check out some of these fruits-of-the-land looks and see how you can keep up with nature’s finest:

1. Cherry Baby


Look no further for that classic summer aesthetic: bright red lips and whatever else Luke Bryan sings about. Alternatively, you could go black cherry if you’re into that whole absorbing-more-sunlight scene.

Try: Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Color, Cherries in the Snow ($7.99,

2. Lemony Snickers


Just because they’re sour doesn’t mean you have to be! Instantly brighten your day with a flash of yellow eye shadow (and the good thing about this look is that you really don’t need much else, just to keep it all balanced). Quick, easy, summery, and done!

Try: Make Up For Ever Aquarelle, Color #9 ($21,

3. Orange You Glad?


For a different pop of citrusy energy, try some bright orange polish for that hint of vibrancy you’ve been craving. Pro tip: these neon-esque colors really help your summer tan to look even better. ~NAILED~ it.

Try: Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi-Shine Nail LacquerMandarin Orange ($18,

4. Feeling Blue…berries


An ever-popular summer color, lots of people are sporting this oceanic hue. That means it’s up to you to wear it in a different, more daring way! Why not slide some onto your lashes? Blue in particular is great if you’re looking to get into colored mascara because it’s not super overt, but it’s noticeable enough for people to be in awe of your blueberry boldness.

Try: NYX Cosmetics Color Mascara, Blue ($7,

5. Dragon-fruit Tales


A return to the classics with a twist of the unorthodox! If it’s not a red lipstick kind of day but you still want some eye-popping pigment, hot pink is a super fun way to go. Plus, if Emma Stone is wearing it, why aren’t we?

Try: Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick, Melted Fuchsia ($21,

Of course you’ll always have your go-to summer beauty products, but who’s to say they can’t expand? Take a walk, sit by a tree, Instagram a fruit bowl– do anything you need to cultivate your summer signatures. You might just find some inspiration in the most unlikely of places.

How do you rock your favorite summer colors?

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