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Hey guys, I am a UK Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle blogger, although I think I favour beauty over anything else. I’ve gotten really into tech also lately who knew I was such a beauty geek, huh? I’ll be honest I’m quite materialistic but who isn’t right? I literally OBSESS over something until I have it, then never touch it again, but the fact it’s my own possession is good enough for me. Also if I like something that much I’ll buy more than 1 of it because when the first is ruined I still have the 2nd to look at !! I’m crazy right? There’s a method to the madness honest haha !!

Shall we do 10 things about me? Ok Let’s GOOOO ….

1.I’m 6ft tall – legs 11 and all that

2.I have two beautiful children, a boy & girl – I count myself very lucky

3.I’m scared of absolutely EVERYTHING, from the dark to insects !!

4.I can’t live without my iPhone 6Plus, I buy a new phone case at least once a week for it

5.I design tech cases for – I’m so cool right?

6.I am a handbag whore – I would spend my last £50 on a handbag than anything else

7.I am obsessed with lip liners – I once ordered over 250 lupines in one order #FML

8.I am obsessed with LIPS !!! And anything cosmetic !!

9.I have 2 cats and a dog

My one cat says ‘no’ and goes on the toilet and my other cat thinks she’s a teenager with extreme attitude issues and my dog – don’t get me started he thinks he’s an actual person and he doesn’t listen to anything you say !! He’s like ‘yeah ok whatever’

10.I’ve noticed I’m such a people pleaser and I don’t think I’ve ever really been that way before.



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