GlossyScopes | August 2015

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Summer wraps up this month and all you’re seeing is college and back to school deals! (AHHHHHHH!!) Even if you’re not heading back to school, take advantage of the deals and update your room!


It’s quality over quantity for you, Aquarius. Jupiter is still in your opposite sign, so love is still your main focus. Attract them with this gorgeous, but simple, duvet set. Xhilaration Textured Comforter Set ($44.99,


You are all about the business this month! But while you’re working hard for that prize, remember to watch your health by getting enough sleep! Xhilaration’s Printed Ogee Comforter ($34.99,  set will lighten your mood and help you rest easy!


You are going to have an exciting month! Preparing for fall, meeting new friends, making plans with old friends. Adding the Xhilaration Paisley comforter ($53.99, to your room will only brighten your mood more!


Your home is very important to you. You need stability and comfort during the next couple of weeks. The Darcy Chevron Bedding Set ($62.99, will help you keep calm and mellow.


No matter where you go, you are going to be making friends left and right. You want your room to scream ‘constant sleep overs welcome’, so the homethreads Blah Blah comforter ($71.99, will be perfect! You will definitely be doing a lot of talking!


A lot of things are coming to a close for you this month. So this is the perfect opportunity to reward yourself for all the hard work you’ve been doing! The Boho Boutique Isadora Comforter ($71.99, will be a beautiful addition to your room and leave you feeling luxurious.


You’ve been doing a good job of staying optimistic this year. For the upcoming month, you’ll really need to keep that bank account stable if you want to reap the benefits later on. Update your room with Room Essentials’ Chevron set ($44.97,!


This is the month for you to draw back and really just focus on yourself. Maybe that involves staying in and getting comfy? Anorak’s Rabbit bedding ($63.99, will help set the mood of being relaxed and add a touch of cute.


You’ve seen a lot of changes this year, but it’s not over yet. You’re going to be focused on home life and your close relationships, so plan to spend a lot of your free time at home. Might as well decorate it with something cute and relaxing! Try Room Essentials’ Mixed Global bedding set ($44.97,!


You’re feeling lighter and brighter this month, so why not have a bedspread that reflects that? The Mudhut Cari bedding ($71.99, is perfect for spicing up a room and you won’t have a worry in the world!


In your life, nothing ever stays the same for long. You like variety and you like it when things change. It’s no surprise that your bedroom decor can be switched up a lot! Give the Theiler Bedding ($63.99, a go this month!


Out of all the signs, you are in the most need of change. Break out of the everyday routine and try something new! The Xhilaration Floral bedding collection ($31.49, will be a subtle change, but a step in the right direction!

How will you update your room this month?

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