GlossyScopes | June 2015

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We’re almost ready for the Summer Soltice to arrive! In preparation, I thought it only fitting for us to play with some lipsticks and break out of our comfort zone!

Arielle *-*
You’re often considered a great thinker and that can sometimes make it hard to pick a look in the morning. The trick for you is to not follow a trend. Go the opposite way with MAC’s Sushi Kiss Lipstick (, $16.00), a classic but definitely not in trend at the moment. I’m sure you’ll bring it back though!


If you feel like your life is lacking a routine right now, you should try adding some symmetry to your style, which trust me, takes routine. Try muted colors like MAC’s Catty Lipstick! (, $16.00).


For you, I feel like this month is the time to be elegant but conservative. Give some pastel colors a try and jump into the unknown with MAC’s VIVA GLAM by Miley Cyrus Lipstick (, $16.00). It will really bring out the pastel’s of your clothing and the creativity of your soul.


For this month, you’re going to want to stay inspired! A whole lot of color will help and so will MAC’s Candy Yum-Yum Lipstick! (, $16.00)


Don’t worry, I know how hard it is for you to make up your mind. It’s bad enough that you struggle with picking something out to wear in the morning, but what about lipstick?! I’ve got you covered. Just toss on MAC’s Steady Going Lipstick (, $16.00) and conquer the day!


Time to challenge yourself, Taurus! Keep your style this month dramatic with a heavy dose of elegance. Maybe take some inspiration from the 70’s? MAC’s Violetta Lipstick (, $16.00) is a good stepping stone!


This is the month where you should search for peace and calm. Wear light fabrics and pair them with a light lipstick like MAC’s Pink Pearl Pop (, $16.00) and you’ll find it easier to de-stress!


It’s no secret that you’re one of the most generous of the signs. For June, I see you wearing a lot of white and letting some gold tones brighten up the look even more. I think MAC’s Flamingo Lipstick (, $16.00) will complete that look of essence for you.


It’s time to toy with accessories, Virgo! Leave your makeup neutral and let your jewelry say it for you! MAC’s newest Lipstick from the Wash and Dry Collection, Creme de Nude, (, $17.50) will be your special weapon.


You’re asking all kinds of serious questions this month. Your style and look should be the complete opposite. Let loose and have some fun with MAC’s Morange Lipstick (, $17.50) from the Wash and Dry Collection!


Everyone knows that you are super smart. Dress as smart as you are and accentuate that with some dark colors on that pretty face! Try MAC’s Studded Kiss Lipstick (, $16.00) to get started!


You know how to have fun while being serious at the same time. Remember old Hollywood? We’re going to aim for that classic elegance and beauty this month with MAC’s Reel Sexy Lipstick. (, $16.00).

Have a beautiful month!

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