GlossyScopes | October 2015

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And the year keeps on rolling! Let’s see what the signs are up to this month!


Believe it or not, work is your safe haven right now. And it’s blowing up! Your boss is impressed and you’re so happy with it all, that you don’t even notice. Get that promo! But don’t ignore your love life, it’s definitely going to need some attention this month.


Unlike Aries, you should calm down at work. You’re ALWAYS working, girl! Take a break! Grab a drink, go shopping, flirt a little. Long story short: Relax. You deserve some YOU time.


Home news! Things are going to start going smoothly in this department for you, Gem. In fact, you might even inherit real estate! (Can we be roomies?) Look forward to that and keep your phone close during the week of the 11th. More exciting news!


Do you feel like things are moving at a slow pace? Is everything going wrong? Don’t worry! Slow and steady wins the race, so just stay steady and keep focused. Everything else should fall into place.


Maybe you shouldn’t make any serious decisions right now, I just don’t see them working out for you. The beginning of this month is kind of crazy for you but it should slow down and become more manageable by mid-month. I’m prescribing a healthy dose of some serious staycations.


YOU. You of all people should definitely not be self conscious! You’re without a doubt the most gorgeous of the signs and we all depend on you to be fabulous. And you definitely are, all the time. It’s just time you realize it, girl. Love yourself and then be fierce!


October is definitely you’re month, Libra. (Hello, happy birthday!) You might feel a bit weird entering the month, but halfway through you’ll feel lighter, more creative, and possibly get some great news concerning money?!


You’re super connected this month! Be careful of the nights that you might not remember in the morning, though, we all know what happens! Your connections will have you meet someone new, someone you might not like at first but they’re probably going to be an important person in your life… so be nice!


It’s been rough at work lately, hasn’t it? I feel you my friend, but keep your friends close and your energy high! Good things are coming your way! (By the way, who was that Taylor Lautner-esque guy you were talking too the other night?!)


FIRE! YOU. ARE. ON. FIRE. You are NOT playing around! That promotion at work? You’re gonna get it. That guy you’ve had your eye on? Call it a date. The only thing standing in your way? You. Go get it, girl! The stars are in position!


Practice makes perfect. Things might seem hard now, but they should open up within the first week of the month and you should have some easy sailing ahead of you. Just keep your head up and keep your quality time with the family tight. They’ll have some exciting news!


A lot is going on this October. Money issues will be settled, relationships will improve, and you’re finally going to get that outdoor adventure you’ve been waiting for. And if you haven’t been planning one, you should probably get out there! Nature is good for you.

By the way, what are we all dressing up as for Halloween?! 

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