GlossyScopes | September 2015

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Happy September, Glossygirls!

My favorite season is almost upon us, which means it’s time to start pulling out the boots and sweaters and stocking up on hot chocolate. *Excited fist squeeze*


You’re in a mood for planning this month, so break out that to-do list! September will be a busy month for you, so having some good office supplies and an organized schedule will improve your overall mood.


It might be the time of the year where everything starts getting cooler, but you’re just getting warmed up! You are going to be super feisty this month, so go ahead, ask for his number!


Aw, you’re going to be so wrapped up in the love of your family that you won’t want to spend time with anybody else. September is the month of sentimental feelings, so soak ’em up, Gem!


Your social calendar is filling up fast! You’re especially loving having personal, one on one chats with all your close friends, and they’re going to rely on your advice this month. Don’t worry, you can sleep in October!


With things slowing down for you, you’re ready to get to work! Whether it’s your personal life or work, you’re going to be getting to the gritty of it all to make yourself happy. You go, girl!


You’re ready for a fresh start! While the past year hasn’t been bad, it was unfocused. You’re going to have some amazing, groundbreaking moments, Virgo! Ones that will have you yelling ‘At last!’.


It’s time to tie up all those loose ends, Libra. Consider this your ‘chill’ month before the birthday season. Take it easy and focus on finishing up old tasks before starting and taking on new ones. Maybe a couple of pamper nights are in order?


For the rest of the year, you’re going to be in collaboration mode. You want to see things, get things done, but you know you can’t do any of it without your team. So get together and start kicking butt!


Suit up, Sagittarius, you’re nothing but business this month. You’re cracking down in all aspects of your life and no one is safe. If you feel you have a toxicity affecting you, get rid of it.


Embrace your adventurous side this month. Break through what you think are your limitations and leave your comfort zone at the door. This is the month of self discovery!


Why so pensive, Aquarius? Maybe you’re focusing a little too hard on something in your life. A project, a relationship, a situation. Focus that energy into researching ways to make yourself happier or to solve one problem.


You want to spend the most time you can with friends this month, so why not plan a party or two? Having a simple get together and just goofing around will make you the giddiest sign of the month!

Have a beautiful September, girls!

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