How to Staycation Like a Pro!

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Not been jet setting this summer? It isn’t too late, I promise.

You still have time to make for a perfect Staycation, I have decided to make it the new summer hashtag craze, for those who haven’t already! So here is your top ten things to do when planning your perfect #staycay.

1. Make a Picnic


Everyone loves a classic picnic, but as you are on a #staycation, upgrade from the standard cool bag to a beautiful straw hamper, which you can complete with gingham red cloth. Don’t pack your typical ham and cheese sandwiches, go to a cute deli and pick up a warm baguette and some lovely cheese: lets go french! Make a jug of Pimms and pour into to jam jars, so that the lids are firmly shut and go all out with mozzarella, parma ham and sundried tomatoes. Take something quirky, like macaroons for desert. Pick your spot on the grass at your local park and pack a beret and sport Breton stripes. If you hash tagged #Paris, no one would be any the wiser.

2. Take a trip to the Spa


Every vacation revolves around relaxing in some kind of form, so its time you booked a spa day for your staycation. Book a massage and a facial, so you feel relaxed and radiant…exactly like how you would after a week in the sun. Make sure to take a book with you if going alone or do a girlie day with your best friend. Nobody would be able to tell the difference between the spa pool and Marbella right?

3. Bake


Everyone loves cake, so why not make a day dedicated to it? Put on some music and make your favorite, or why not try something you have never baked before and spend the morning shopping for the ingredients. Make out like you are the next Mary Berry and go super professional looking or just have a day of fun with sprinkles and edible animals.

4. Spend a day at the movies


I get it, you never watch movies on holiday…but this could be a new thing! Book to watch three films at  the movies throughout the day or pop on Netflix at home and stay in your PJ’s. Watch your favorite genre all day or pick a bunch of movies, write them on a piece of paper and then pick them out of a hat. Now pass the popcorn.

5. Attend a cooking class


This is where you get to have a real laugh and still learn a new skill. Book in a cooking class, whether it is how to make sushi, fresh pasta, or some quirky street food. Take along a bunch of friends and see who can make the best tasting snacks, then spend the evening eating them all!

All that is left to do is buy the wine.

6. Take a Yoga class


Whether a newbie or a pro, book in to do a class and then practice at home or at your local park throughout the day. You will be perfectly relaxed all day and can read, paint or draw, anything you love doing, in between. So go grab your yoga mat and brightly colored gym wear and go Yoga.

7. Go for a walk


Take a stroll, whatever the weather! Raining? Take a bright colored raincoat and your wellies. Sunshine, put on your sunnies and floppy hat and pretend you are walking through the vineyards of Italy. Stop off for a late lunch and then walk back home afterwards as the sun sets.

8. Visit somewhere new


Always spoke about going to that certain place that is only an hours drive away? GO! or a restaurant that you love the look of but haven’t been to? GO…it is time to do all of them ‘we will do it one day’ plans and spend the day exploring, you might end up finding your new fave hangout!

9. Take a day trip


Have a beach nearby? Or maybe a pretty lake? Then go spend the day there. Try the local zoo or aquarium, just make a trip out that is fun for everyone going. Do an activity or go to a theme park…just make a day of it and be sure to take lots of photos.

10. Throw a garden party


At some point on vacation you will be partying, so lets not forget that that needs to happen on a staycay too. Set a date, invite all your favorite people and get started on the plans.

Make a perfect playlist, decide on a food theme and make quirky drinks, think smoothies for the daytime and cocktails for the evening. Decorate the garden with bunting, fairy lights and summer themed accessories, set up your camera as a makeshift Photo Booth and take photos in silly hats and ridiculous glasses. Dance until the early hours and you will soon feel like you are in a club in Morocco.

Enjoy your time on your #staycation

What are your favorite ways to #staycation?


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