Instagram Makeup Artist @Pinkperception Interview and Beauty Advice!

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Instagram Makeup Artist @Pinkperception Interview and Beauty Advice!


Instagram Makeup Artist @Pinkperception Interview and Beauty Advice!


Instagram Makeup Artist @Pinkperception Interview and Beauty Advice!


Instagram Makeup Artist @Pinkperception Interview and Beauty Advice!


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Of course, looking and feeling beautiful makes you feel confident and that makes you feel like you can take over the world!

What is a day in the life of  Anna? – @pinkperception

I wake up early and go to sleep late, I work from home, but I’m a workaholic, so I work all day.
At night I do the makeup looks that I post on Instagram and I also like filming my YouTube videos at night when it’s quiet and relaxed. 

How did you career begin in the world of beauty?

After high school, me and my mom opened a nail salon, so I was a nail designer for a few years, but never really thought about becoming a makeup artist. I started playing with makeup and experimenting new looks after watching Promise Phan’s transformation videos on YouTube, she was so amazing! She made me want to learn more, so I started learning from YouTube gurus and as my love for makeup grew stronger, I started posting on Instagram, this happened about a year ago.
As for the whole Instagram thing, I’m a very private person, I never thought that I would show my face on social media, this wasn’t my thing, I never even post photos on my personal Facebook account. My mom was the one that pushed me into this, as well as my friends. I was overwhelmed when my Instagram page became so popular and from the fact that I got good feedback and recognition from famous people like Anastasia Beverly Hills, Vegas Nay, Motives Cosmetics and so many more.

Which celebrity would you love to do makeup for?

Jennifer Lopez! 

How would you describe your signature look?

Dark smoky eyes with nude/pink lips.

What is your most memorable moment while doing someone’s makeup?

I don’t do other people’s makeup, because I don’t work as a makeup artist, I only post makeup looks on social media for inspiration.

What is the most important beauty advice that you can give to women?

Please choose the right foundation shade! And blend it down into your neck! Also take good care of your skin, makeup looks so much better on healthy skin.

What are some common beauty mistakes women make?

The extreme contouring trend (Kim Kardashian contouring style) became so popular lately, everyone is trying to do their makeup this way.  But most women don’t know how to do this the right way and end up with a muddy looking hot mess, so my advice is – don’t do it unless you know how! You don’t have to follow every makeup trend like the current contouring trend and Instagram brows.

Do you feel that looking and feeling beautiful is important in regard to a woman’s confidence?
Of course, looking and feeling beautiful makes you feel confident and that makes you feel like you can take over the world! At least for me this is the case!

Have you achieved all of your goals? If not what are they?
I’m an overachiever, so there’s always a new goal. 

Who has inspired you throughout your career?
My biggest inspiration is my mom, ,my love for beauty and makeup came from her. As a kid I was always watching her do her makeup and take care of her skin.  I learned a lot from her and still do.

Do you see yourself one day creating your own line of makeup?

What are some of your favorite products?

The Urban Decay Naked palettes,  Dipbrow pomade and contour kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills,MAC lipsticks,  liquid lipsticks from Lime Crime, Tartelette palette from Tarte Cosmetics , LBD liner from Motives Cosmetics, Sigma Beauty brushes, Double Wear Foundation and Estee Lauder, Limited Edition Illuminating Powder Gelee, Heat Wave.


Favorite concealer?
Pro Longwear concealer from MAC.

What should be a staple in every woman’s purse?
I can tell you what I have in my purse – Lip balm and blotting paper, and maybe a lipstick if I’m wearing one. I don’t carry a lot of makeup products in my purse. 

Do you believe that less is more?

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in getting into the beauty industry?
Believe in yourself, be determined, work hard and never give up.

How do you cleanse your skin?
I use the Neutrogena Deep Clean makeup wipes first and then wash my face with the Purity One Step Facial Cleanser from Philosophy.

Bullying on Instagram is something that happens all the time. How do you handle any negative comments?
Bullying is something that will always happen to you if you choose to be a “public person”, at first I used to get hurt, read every comment and be really offended, but now I can care less, I’m not going to let an ignorant person who clearly has too much time on his/her hands, that hides behind his Instagram name, ruin my day.

What is beauty to you?
Real beauty is the inner beauty.

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