Instyler Iron Max Review and Giveaway!!!

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Welcome to the world of Maegan not knowing what to do with her hair. The constant struggle. The daily routine of leaving it down or putting it into a bun. Pulling out a couple different tools to try and do something with my very straight and flat hair.

It’s a hard knock life, that’s for sure. So this neat little thing called the Instyler Iron has come into my life at just the right time. It’s helped to de-clutter my morning hair routine and also give it a bit of a boost. And it’s actually sped up my routine! Which is always good, considering I have a train to catch. Whoops.


So if you’ve never heard of the Instyler Iron before, this one is a newer version, dubbed Instyler Max. It’s a very cool multi-purpose iron with a dual rotating barrel. Now, this thing heats up FAST and is super HOT. We’re talking 425 degrees Fahrenheit in thirty seconds! (Keep it on a solid surface! Definitely not your bed or weight lifting bench with material that could melt…. welp).


The other side has nifty ionic bristles to reduce frizz and keep your hair looking sharp while you’re working on it. There are so many styles that you could make with just this one tool. I love that you could go from straightening your hair to curling it in a matter of seconds. Which is what I did because I’m very indecisive.


My hair doesn’t hold curls very well so instead of beautiful tight spirals, they turned into beach curls. Which eventually turned into waves. Let me tell you, no amount of hairspray could get those curls to stay in. But I loved the look anyway! Another plus with the Instyler Max is that you can give your roots volume! Instead of backcombing the heck out of those things, just use the iron and rotate IN towards your scalp instead of away and you’ll have some super volume-ized roots!


Because it’s a barrel, you could do some 50’s flips at the ends, mismatched curls, and so many more things. I can’t even imagine the hairstyles a professional could create with this!


You can find the Instyler Iron Max on their website!


You can enter our giveaway live now on our Instagram!

Go to @GlossyFinds or go to @InStylerUS for a chance to win this awesome styling tool!

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