Interview With Instagram Makeup Artist Sensation @makeupbyan!

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Instagram has become a huge launching pad for professional and self-taught makeup artists around the world.  By simply using hashtags such as #bblogger or the product being used such as #urbandecay, makeup artists are being recognized in a huge way!  You may see their photos being re-posted by the makeup company or by their followers.  Having this tool has allowed accounts to go from 100 followers to thousands and thousands of followers.

A lot of times I wonder who these artists truly are and how did this all get started for them?!  So we here at #teamglossy decided to take a look at the artists behind the canvas.  We hope you enjoy and please look forward to more interviews to come! 





 How did you career begin in the world of beauty?

It happened almost a year ago. At that time I was very into watching youtube videos and I bought almost everything they recommend in the videos, so after a while I owned a lot of makeup and brushes. Then one day my sister bought a very expensive camera and I made my first makeup look and started to take pictures using her camera. I posted it on Instagram (not expecting anything to happen).  After uploading 3 different looks, @Anastasiabeverlyhills reposted my look on Instagram! I was so overwhelmed by it and the followers came like a train. After that other people such as @Vegas_nay started posting my work and this gave me a huge boost to keep doing what I did.

Which celebrity would you love to do makeup for?

Adriana Lima. She’s so gorgeous! I would love to do some magic on her.

 How would you describe your signature look?

Precise cut crease

 What is the most important beauty advice that you can give to women?

I think having the right foundation shade is one of the most important things. How can you expect the end result of your makeup to look perfect when your foundation is the wrong shade… it kind of destroys everything.

 What are some common beauty mistakes women make?

Having the wrong foundation shade and using the wrong brow products.

 Do you feel that looking and feeling beautiful is important in regard to a woman’s confidence?

Hmm I personally feel more confident when I look good I think it works like that automatically.

 More important things like being healthy can help you to look and feel beautiful. You can look good but if you don’t feel good on the inside you never will feel 100%. 

 Have you achieved all of your goals? If not what are they?

I would love to have my own makeup brand, meet Anastasia Beverly Hills and Jaclyn Hill.

 Who has inspired you throughout your career?

A lot of people but definitely one person the most: Jaclyn Hill!
I watched all of her videos and bought so many makeup products because of her. Following her tutorials has taught  me so much!  She’s an incredible person!

 Do you see yourself one day creating your own line of makeup?


 What are some of your favorite products?

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation,($37.00,; Dr Brandt – Pores No More,($45.00,; MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick,($26.99,;  Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks,($20.00,; Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit,($40.00,; The Balm Mary Loumanizer Highlighter,($21.00,; Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz,($21.00, & Dipbrow,($18.00,; Bobbi Brown Skincare,($29.00,

 Favorite concealer?

Bobbi Brown Tinted Eyebrightener, ($31.00,

 What should be a staple in every woman’s purse?

A red lipstick. Like for example my favorite from MAC – Ruby Woo
Sometimes when I have a bad day I put on that lipstick and I feel better haha.

 Do you believe that less is more?

Yes, sometimes it is. But I do love a full face of makeup.

 What advice would you give to someone who is interested in getting into the beauty industry?

Believe in yourself! Push yourself to the MAX. Good things come to those who work for it. 

 How do you cleanse your skin?

At the moment I use GlamGlow Cleanser, ($39.00, I just massage it into the face (sometimes I use a face cleansing brush from Vanity Planet) and after that I just put my face underneath warm water.

 Bullying on Instagram is something that happens all the time. How do you handle any negative comments?

I delete the comments, block the person and move on with my life. Sometimes I realllllyy want to respond because sometimes they are so rude! A lot of people make stupid comments about my nose. They think I had plastic surgery but none of that is true, my nose bone is just very slim. I wish it wasn’t lol because I can’t contour my nose and I love the look of a nice contoured nose. 

 What is beauty to you?

 When I hear beauty I don’t really think about how someone looks. You’re beautiful when the inside is beautiful.
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  • Nicole

    Geweldig An! Ik ben trots op je, en blijf je absolute #1 fan.
    Al die haters stralen gewoon pure jaloezie af en ik zou zeggen, gebruik het en draai er een positieve wending aan. Hoe meer haat, hoe meer confidence you will boost!
    I love youu. Nicole.