#Behindthemakeup Interview with @meghan_mua !

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#Behindthemakeup Interview with @meghan_mua !
#Behindthemakeup Interview with @meghan_mua !

#Behindthemakeup Interview with @meghan_mua !


#Behindthemakeup Interview with @meghan_mua !


#Behindthemakeup Interview with @meghan_mua !


#Behindthemakeup Interview with @meghan_mua !


#Behindthemakeup Interview with @meghan_mua !


#Behindthemakeup Interview with @meghan_mua !


#Behindthemakeup Interview with @meghan_mua !


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Makeup is not just skin deep. It’s more than just a formulation or a finish. It’s how it makes you feel on the inside that shines on the outside. Own your confidence no matter what level you’re at.

1.  What is a day in the life of @meghan_mua

On a typical day, I generally get up an hour and a half before work, beat my face, have my coffee (have to have my coffee) and then go to work where I also do makeovers and help people find the right products for them. On a day off, I’m normally working on looks for my Instagram, so technically I’m still working because I’m kind of a work-aholic. Nothing too glamorous, but I’m hustling for greater things.

2.  How did you career begin in the world of beauty?

It’s funny how something good can come from something bad. After my husband and I were married, we moved to another city for his job, where I didn’t know anyone. I also couldn’t find a job even though I had a degree and work experience. Though I couldn’t get a job at the time, I now understand why that happened. I had always been interested in makeup, so I decided I would further educate myself on product knowledge, technique, and everything makeup. In doing so, I did copious amounts of research on a variety of websites, blogs, celebrity makeup artists interviews, and of course, YouTube. A year later, I was hired by a salon and also started free-lancing and afterwards both of those opportunities only grew into more.

3.  Which celebrity would you love to do makeup for?

This question definitely took some thought, but I decided on Jennifer Lawrence. Not only does she seem like a fun-loving, down to earth individual, but she also has a lot of simple, yet effortless beauty that would be such a joy to enhance. Though she has many beautiful features, such as her freckles, her real beauty shines through her genuine and endearing personality.

4. How would you describe your signature look?

My signature look would definitely be fuller brows, warm tones on the eyes, a nude lip, and lashes….lots and lots of lashes. Any of my close friends know I kind of have a lash problem. Hmm…maybe problem is a strong word, haha. I just love lashes because of the way they can complete any eye look, but also how they can instantly enhance someone’s face so dramatically. Lashes change a face in the way brows can reshape the facial structure. Who knew hair on your face would be so important?

5. What is your most memorable moment while doing someone’s makeup?

My most memorable client, by far, was a sweet, middle-aged woman who had alopecia: no eyebrows, no lashes, zero hair all over. I was very sensitive to her needs and the kind of look she wanted to portray. This makeover was especially important to her because her only son was getting married, and she wanted to look better than ever. We decided on a soft smokey eye, neutral glossy lips. To make the look more complete, I gave her brows using the Anastasia Beverlyhills Dipbrow pomade and applied natural, wispy lashes. As I finished, she looked in the mirror and her eyes began to tear up. This was the first time she had ever seen herself with lashes. She turned to me with glazed eyes, gave me a warm hug and said, “thank you for making me feel so beautiful.” She couldn’t stop looking at herself in the mirror and smiling. This memory will forever stay with me not only because it makes me appreciate the little things I take for granted, but also because she didn’t say “look” but that she felt beautiful. Beauty is much more than skin deep.

6. What is the most important beauty advice that you can give to women?

The best beauty advice I can give is to always start with your skin. The better the skin underneath, the better your makeup is going to look. Some of us spend so much time and money taking care of what’s on the inside, that we neglect our largest organ on the outside. Like I always tell my clients, your skin is your most important investment because you only get one.

7. What are some common beauty mistakes women make?

One of the most common mistakes women make is not understanding that certain products will not work for every skin type. An oily skin type is not going to wear the same foundation as someone with a dry skin type. Another common mistake is that prepping the skin before you apply any makeup is just as important as the cosmetics you choose to wear to create your desired look. And finally, (again, going back to skin) ladies and gentlemen, please wash your face thoroughly at the end of the day. If you sleep with your makeup still on, you’re just asking for a break out, not to mention all the bacteria accumulating on your face and your pillow.

8. Do you feel that looking and feeling beautiful is important in regard to a woman’s confidence?

The way a woman feels about her body, makeup and overall appearance is absolutely translated through her confidence. However, you don’t have to be a makeup artist to feel beautiful. Your makeup being perfect every single day doesn’t affect who you are as a person. It’s okay sometimes if you can’t get that other wing perfectly straight. What I’m trying to say is, one woman may feel totally empowered with just mascara and gloss whereas another woman feels empowered with a full beat face. Makeup is not just skin deep. It’s more than just a formulation or a finish. It’s how it makes you feel on the inside that shines on the outside. Own your confidence no matter what level you’re at.

9. Have you achieved all of your goals? If not what are they?

I’m the type of person who always craves more, constantly pushing myself to greater things, and bigger goals. So, to answer your question, no, I have not achieved all my goals. I have quite a few goals, and as I achieve them one by one I will create new goals for myself. To narrow it down, my main goal is to inspire women and men to make a positive impact on the world using their talents, such as makeup artistry. The world is full of different races and religions, but everyone can get behind positivity.

10. Who has inspired you throughout your career?

The beauty of makeup artistry is that you can be inspired by so many other artists and even works of art. Though I have been influenced by many, there are two artists that stick out in my head that have inspired me the most. The first is world renown, celebrity makeup artist, Lisa Eldridge. She is the essence of a classy woman, not only in her presence but also in her approach to makeup artistry. She has taught me so much about how simplistic and effortless you can make a look by accentuating the natural features of your client. She brings you back to the basics which I feel every artist can always be refreshed on. The second is the dashing Wayne Goss. Famous for his tutorials on YouTube but also for all his “beauty hacks.” If anyone can find multiple uses out of a product, it’s him. He has taught me how to take something that may look complicated, into something completely do-able, and so much more.

11. Do you see yourself one day creating your own line of makeup?

I don’t think I see myself creating an entire makeup line but I would absolutely love to create certain products or even collaborate with a brand I have a lot of respect for. I could definitely see myself creating lashes, a highlighter and possibly shades of liquid lipsticks. Those would definitely be my top three items I’d love to create because I’m obsessed with them. I literally can’t have too many of any of those products, haha.

12. What are some of your favorite products?

What are some of my favorite makeup products? Wow. This is one of those questions I could go on and on about but for the sake of this interview I will narrow it down to three. As an oily person, I live by a well-made powder. So, for my first favorite I choose the Hourglass Ambient powders, in particular, the shade “Ethereal Light.” Believe me when I say, these powders are on another level and worth every penny. This powder is translucent and literally blurs your skin, so say bye-bye to those large pores. Also, as someone who is ingredients conscious, you won’t ever be placing talc or mineral oil on your face. Not to mention, they are a cruelty free company. Take my word for it, and treat yourself. Another product I am obsessed with are the Dose of Colors liquid lipsticks. They may be a smaller company out of California but their liquid lipstick formula is by far the most comfortable and non-drying formula I’ve ever put on my lips. Lastly, I’ve been obsessed with mink lashes lately. Kind of a pricey obsession, however they’re just the best in quality lashes and complete any makeup look perfectly. I have many, many pairs from Lena Lashes because of their diverse number of styles, lightweight band, and comfortable wear. And don’t worry, they’re cruelty free as well.

13. Favorite concealer?

Did I mention I’m also a concealer junkie? Ive tried a lot of concealers and the one that I’m actually obsessed with right now is the new Sephora Bright Future Gel Serum concealer. They have a huge variety of shades and the formula is super lightweight but packs a punch in coverage. Think, the coverage of the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer but with the thin, fluidity of the Urban Decay Naked Concealer.

14. What should be a staple in every woman’s purse?

Some essentials I carry in my own purse are a tinted powder, lip liner, concealer and q-tips. The powder is obviously for touchups, and the lip liner to fill in whenever it wears off, concealer to perfect and correct, and q-tips to save your life when your makeup isn’t functioning as planned. Say you decided to try a new mascara but it’s transferring horribly on your eye lids. You can’t wipe it with a tissue because it’ll take your eyeshadow off. This is where q-tips will come in handy, always making you look polished, even if your makeup is dysfunctional.

15. Do you believe that less is more?

I could give you all these opinions of the philosophy behind “less is more” but at the end of the day…life is short. If caking that makeup on makes you happy, then do it. Makeup is about expression, not limitation.

16. What advice would you give to someone who is interested in getting into the beauty industry?

If you plan on going to cosmetology school, do your research and find one that is the right fit for you. If school isn’t for you, then educate yourself as much as you can. Practice on yourself, friends and family. Possibly find a mentor, or someone who could teach you the fundamentals so that you’re more than equip for the path you want to take. Most of all, love what you choose to pursue. If you love it, your passion will shine through your work.

17. How do you cleanse your skin?

Skin is the most important step to prep a beat face. At the end of the day, I use a cleansing oil first to remove all my makeup, and then I use my actual cleanser on my Clarisonic to wash my face. I’ve been obsessed with the Tatcha Cleansing oil. It not only takes everything off but it leaves my skin feeling silky soft. If you don’t remove your makeup first, you’ll only be massaging your left over makeup into your pores and that’s not going to benefit your skin in any way.

18. Bullying on Instagram is something that happens all the time. How do you handle any negative comments?

Negativity from people in general, is as expected as the sun rising in the morning. Social media merely provides the means for people to be hateful without any repercussions. Besides a “block” button, you have to remember that these people see your pictures, read your descriptions, but they don’t really “know” you. That’s what I tell myself if I see a negative comment. However, to me, negativity is so unnecessary. If I see something I don’t really like, I simply move onto something else. It doesn’t actually affect my life or me as a person, so there’s no point in posting a negative comment about it. This question merely reinforces my goal to inspire positivity in others.

19. What is beauty to you?

Beauty is someone pursuing their dreams regardless of circumstance. It is expressing yourself regardless of any negativity that’s being thrown your way. Beauty is how you see yourself; whether it’s wearing just mascara and chapstick, or lashes and contour. Beauty is loving the person you are, inside and out.


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