Korean Beauty: The Trend Demystified

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Ever since the introduction of BB creams a few years ago, Korean beauty secrets have been on the map– in fact, they’ve been all over it. As we see names like TONYMOLY and The Face Shop plastered across skincare shelves, a lot of us might have one simple question: Why? The answer lies in the quality, creativity, and commitment behind the products.


Unrivaled Ingredients. 

Not only do we see bold, new ingredients surfacing, but Korean beauty companies have access to a plethora of known powerhouse ingredients (like ginseng and charcoal) that are native to Eastern countries.

That means the manufacturing of these products isn’t nearly as expensive, even though so many of them are certified organic or all-natural. Who doesn’t want high quality for low prices?

Captivating Design.

Many Korean beauty products are so pretty, you can’t help but feel the urge to buy them. Some are traditionally simplistic and gentle, and some are entirely whacky and loud.

Either way, Korean beauty is totally in control of its packaging and presentation, and even if we won’t explicitly admit it, it’s definitely a factor.

Unwavering Commitment.

Eastern tradition has long placed emphasis on the beauty of a “glowing” face– which is why there is such a huge focus on hydrating the skin. Korean beauty regimens are structured in multiple steps (sometimes up to ten in total!), usually following the ideas of cleansing, toning, treating, and moisturizing.

Masks are also heavily used, sometimes in a patchwork; Korean skincare practices encourage the use of specific masks for specific problem areas on the face, not just using a mask as a blanket solution. The specificity of the multi-step, multi-product system allows for each person to achieve his or her “glow” in an individualized way.

TONYMOLY is now available at Urban Outfitters, and websites like SokoGlam offer a bevvy of beauty products. The short answer behind the Korean skincare craze? There’s so much more to know. Thankfully, the technology, talent, and traditions of the East are continually evolving, and we get to reap the benefits– the beauty benefits, that is.

What’s your favorite Korean skincare product?

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  • I would love to try some korean products! The packagings are so cute! I see a lot of mask that I would love to buy too, I’ll definitely need to give it a try soon!!!

    Jasmine :)