Kylie Jenner: Are her Lips Real, or Fake?

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If you’ve been “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” you remember when Kylie Jenner looked like this:

But like most of us, she grew up into a lovely young lady.

Her style is impeccable.

Her lashes are always on point.

And she’s unafraid to do the unexpected. 

Again…those lashes. 

The sky is blue, water is wet and Kylie Jenner’s makeup is flawless.

But there’s just one thing I’m skeptical about.

The most obvious feature of them all.

Everyone seems to obsessing over it.

And plenty of evince that prove they’re (ahem) fake.

Everyone’s reaction is unique. 

But despite it all, Kylie Jenner insists they’re real. 

Her lips are real. It’s all makeup.

What if she’s telling the truth? I’ve seen plenty of makeup transformations.

Some really really good ones!

But when I look at Kylie’s before and after pics….

And I’m referring to the ones without makeup.

 I’m not convinced.

What do YOU think, are Kylie Jenner’s lips real or fake? 

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  • That’s true! But considering Kylie Jenner is part of the Kardashian clan, anything that she does is controversial and big deal. Although it’s safe to say that Kylie didn’t start the full lip trend, she definitely popularized it :/

  • Bayan

    I’m not too bothered by how she pretends they’re real but it’s annoying how people ar eacting like she invented the full lips trend. Many people are making ‘Kylie Jenner tutorials’ when all they’re doing are creating fuller lips as if Kylie is the mother of all big lips. Excuse me but no, lots of women with full lips have been rocking their beauty for all their life.