Drugstore Beauty Items to Run for this Season!

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For us self-proclaimed beauty junkies, it is nearly impossible to enter a drugstore and not browse the beauty sections.  I go in for my eye drops and come out with a bag full of hair, skincare and make up supplies. I’ve tried to stay away from the make up, but I’ve learned to just accept it. It’s who I am, and I’ll always be a make up junkie trying to get my fix at a local CVS.

The fun part about this particular haul, is that a lot of these are new products that I’ve never gotten to try before! Some are necessities that I need to restock on, but I’m so excited to try most of these out.

Read on to see what my obsession has brought to you viewers!

Body Benefits Pumice Stone ($1.99 at Ulta.com) Pumice stones are pretty essential for spring and summer. Sandals, wedges and bare-feet are a common occurrence during these seasons and as much as I’d much rather get a pedicure, there are some weeks when it just doesn’t fit into my schedule or budget, so I improvise by putting a salt scrub on the stone and gently wash my feet with it. Since I do this every week, there’s no need for me to put a lot of pressure into the scrub.

haul 1

Every Man Jack Pomade ($8.99  at Ulta.com) This one is not for me, I purchased it for my little brother but I feel like I should mention it in case there are any ladies with short hair, or any gentlemen reading. This is the best pomade I’ve ever used. When I was working in a salon, this was my go to, and now I suggest it to my brother to style his hair. If you have a prohibition style cut or if you’re just looking for a good, inexpensive pomade, I’d definitely suggest this one, not to mention it’s less then 10 dollars!

photo 3


NYX Eye Makeup Remover  ($3.49 at Ulta.com) I’ve never actually tried this make up remover before.  Sephora has one that looks very similar and works amazingly, so I thought I’d give this one a chance. So far it’s pretty good, not quite as good as Sephora’s but for the price, it’s worth it. It doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin, and gets a really good portion of my make up off.

photo 2

NYX Born to Glow Illuminator , Sunbeam ($7.49 at Ulta.com) any one who knows me at all, would know that I love a good highlight! I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I’ve tried almost every highlighter out there.  This one is one of my favorites from the drugstore. It’s comparable to ‘girl meets pearl’ by benefit, but less then half the price! Dab it on your cheeks for a lovely summer time glow!

photo 1

Freeman Mask, Charcoal face polishing ($4.29 at Ulta.com) I love this mask! It really cleans out my pores and leaves my face feeling so clean! The charcoal removes all impurities, and when you wash it off your face looks so clean and radiant. I have sensitive skin, and never have a problem with irritation.


Freeman Mask, Cucumber facial peel ($4.29 at Ulta.com) I’ve never tried this mask, but when I bought the charcoal they were buy one get one 50% off. Since I don’t have one ounce of self control when it comes to beauty products, I of course picked up anther one to try. This is a cucumber mask that is hydrating and contains aloe and vitamin A. I love aloe on my face, it always makes it look so much clearer, so I’m excited to try this one!



Venus Gilette Razors, Touch of aloe ($12.99 at CVS) I love these razors! I normally struggle with razor burn like crazy! These are the only razors I’ve ever tried that don’t irritate my skin. I love them, if you have sensitive skin, I strongly recommend trying these out.


Essie Nail polish, Play Date (8.50 at CVS) I was looking for a great spring/summer color. I normally gravitate toward darker nail colors so I decided to switch it up and try this.I love this color! I think it’s perfect for spring and summer! 

haul 13

L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte, 101 Classic Ivory ($13.79 at CVS) I’ve only gotten a chance to use this once but so far I’m absolutely loving it! I think this is a drugstore gem, it seems like such a high quality foundation but at a drug store price. I wouldn’t use this if your skin is particularly dry, but it’d be great if you have oily skin. It also comes in a great collection of colors, which is great! 



So that’s my drug store haul! I’m really happy with all my purchases! Have you tried any of these items?

What did you purchase on your last trip to the drugstore?

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