Top 10 Most Controversial Makeup DONT’s!

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With all of these beauty Youtube and Pinterest accounts all over the internet, people have been spreading tons of beauty advice. Along with all the great advice and beauty tips we’ve learned online, unfortunately, there is a lot of false information and bad advice being spread like wildfire.

I understand that it can be hard to determine what is and what is not a good idea, but as a professional makeup artist, I’ve been wanting to do a post on makeup dont’s, and this was the perfect opportunity to do so. I wanted to outline the top 10 most common makeup dont’s, that I see way too often!

1) DON’T apply bronzer all over your face.

Bronzer is meant to create a bronzed glow, not make you look tan.

Instead, apply the bronzer on your high cheeks, forehead, and nose.  That will make it look much more natural and give you a bronzy glow, instead of a muddy look.

 2) Do NOT, apply too much mascara.

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This can be pretty easily over done! As someone who doesn’t apply false lashes every day, I’ll be the first one to admit that I use a lot of mascara. The trick is taking the time to separate your lashes.

You could comb through them with a brow comb, and then when your mascara wand is at the base of your lashes, wiggle it as you bring the wand upward to prevent any clumps!

3) DON’T highlight your brow bone with a frosted shadow.


Not only is it a very dated look, but it also will highlight everything that you don’t want to be highlighted. If you have hooded lids, it will make your eyes look even more hooded. If your brows aren’t perfectly shaped, it’s going to make them look dirty. It’s not a good look for anyone, and it’ll age your eyes.

Instead, use a lighter concealer, or a small amount of matte shadow to highlight your brow bone.

4) DON’T  apply liner ONLY on your bottom waterline.


This makes your eyes look very narrow. When I first started learning how to wear makeup (before the age of Youtube) I was guilty of this also, so I definitely understand this.

 If you’re going to use liner on BOTH your waterlines/or, lower & upper eyelids, I fully support that! But I’d suggest not bringing the liner all the way into your inner corner. Stop about half way in and your eyes won’t look so closed off.

5) DON’T use a nude lipstick that’s too don'ts

This washes you out and kind of makes you look a little dead. Find a lipstick that’s a tiny bit darker than your skin tone, and just a little pinker. Line your lips with a nude pencil, before adding your nude lipstick and finish off with a pinky gloss. It’ll make your lips look natural and full instead of looking like you’ve been suffocated.

6) DON’T just line your lips.

I like to line my lips and then fill them in, before going on with lipstick. This will keep your lipstick from bleeding outside your lip line, but won’t make it look so harsh. It’s also a fun way to manipulate your lipstick color if you want to mix the two colors. ONLY lining your lips, though, is a huge don’t! You need to fill them in with a similar color.

7) DON’T Over powder your face!


Getting the hang of how much powder to use on your whole face is pretty tricky. But translucent powder, doesn’t mean it’s invisible. It still leaves a white cast on your face. While we’re on the subject… Don’t forget to wipe off the extra powder when you “bake” your face.

8) DON’T wear the entire palette of shadow.

Palettes are extremely practical, especially for traveling. And more often than not, the colors always coordinate with each other which makes it extremely easy to work with. Using one palette for a look will almost always look amazing, just don’t overdo it. Use just 3 -4 colors in a palette instead of every color offered.

9) DON’T Mismatch your foundation.

This is a problem I see way too often. Sometimes, this happens because someone doesn’t know their undertones, and sometimes it happens because someone is trying to make their skin look either lighter or darker. No matter the reason, it isn’t a good look. It will always leave that line of demarcation on your jawline. Nobody can pull off that look!

10) DON’T overdraw your brows.


I know that for some reason this is a trend right now. And that’s totally fine, but I think people who are just getting used to filling in their brows, over do the full brows even further. If big brows are your thing, then do you, girl!

There you have it, from the eyes of a makeup artist and beauty addict, those are the top 10 makeup mistakes that I most commonly see. Even from beauty gurus.

Makeup is an art, so you’re free to do what you want, but avoid these basic mistakes, and you’ll be just fine!

Tell us, are you guilty of any of these, and do you disagree?

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