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Hey there, GlossyGirls! I’m lucky enough to be the Beauty Editor here at GlossyFinds and love every second of it. Find out some more about me and maybe the weird things I write will make more sense:


coffee animated GIF

I don’t know what Lorelai was thinking… I would have just taken the three coffees. Consequently, Gilmore Girls is just about the greatest thing to happen to television. Not that I’m biased.

2. My spirit animal? My clothes.

grandma animated GIF

I would describe my style as being personified as a somewhat edgy, 1980s-inspired grandmother. But don’t get me wrong—bows and tea dresses are still fun. Also camels are pretty cool, so I guess if you want a real animal that could work.

3. My brain is a song.

singing animated GIF

Sometimes I intend to and sometimes I don’t, but I memorize song lyrics crazy fast and get obsessed with certain songs (especially musicals) very quickly—my family and roomie can attest to this. I’m always singing something.

4. Small town PA left its mark.

Academy of Country Music Awards  animated GIF

I will listen to Garth Brooks and eat Tastykake any day (let’s be real…every day) of the week, heyna?

5. My little sister is my best friend.

sisters animated GIF

The only thing between us, other than 7 years of age, is a whole lot of love and giggles.

6. Thoughts on Chipotle…

chipotle animated GIF

I will go on record as saying that I really don’t understand what the borderline religious hype is about… sorry ‘bout it.

7. Grammar is cool, okay?

english animated GIF

Few things get me as riled up as slanderers of the Oxford comma. Don’t even get me started, or I will diagram your sentences into oblivion.

8. FOOD.

hungry animated GIF

If you promise me bagels, I will be there. No questions asked. I also watch more Food Network than is normal. Alton Brown, you’re my hero.

9. Being Alive

into the woods animated GIF

The stage and rehearsal room are where I truly feel whole. Call me a theatre nerd if you want—I’ll probably just agree with you.

10. Words, words, words

book animated GIF

I love reading. I love bringing words to life. I love writing them.

Especially if they’re puns.

But all words are pretty cool.

Now that you know more about me, I can’t wait to get to know you more!

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Angelina Hoidra

Beauty Editor: A college senior in DC trying to find the balance between Whitman and Wilde and stopping at Sephora along the way.

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