Meet GlossyGirl Melissa!

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Hi #GlossyGirls,
I’m Melissa, the Social Media Intern for GlossyFinds. Here are some facts to get to know me better.

1. Saying that I am obsessed with my cats is an understatement.

I also have two cats myself…

2. Due to my obsession with cats, you had to have known I love anything Hello Kitty

She’s the cutest!

3. I love shopping…

It’s my form of exercise for the week.

4. In addition to my shopping addiction I love all desserts

Once I start, I can’t stop…

5. I not only love to eat desserts, but I enjoy baking them as well

6. I could watch YouTube videos all day versus TV

7. Although, it’s a bad habit I am always near my phone… 

on Instagram or Snapchat.

8. I’m passionate about fashion

I have a designated a Instagram account for fashion…

9. My happiest place on earth is truly Disneyland

…I could truly never get tired of going

10. I can’t start my morning until I’ve had my coffee or tea fix

11. I may be small...

but that will never affect how driven and strong I am

Do you love cats or sweets as much as I do?!

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Melissa Won

Social Media Intern: A postgraduate Marketing major with an excessive amount of passion for fashion and beauty .

  • We have 4,5,6,7,10 and 11 in common. I definitely an unhealthy obsession with sweets and desserts! xoxo

  • You are my spirit animal. <33

  • Awww Melissa, you’re the best! I love everything about you <33333333